RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Windy Day Fly-In @ the field 6th November 2019 Reply To: Windy Day Fly-In @ the field 6th November 2019


WELL WORTH THE WAIT finally the island in total  has been seen No planes destroyed Kermit had a fun jump El President  Ian was in election mode  but the frog has a PR MAN Mr I Moose  ESQ  already doing a sterling job an excellent addition to the VOTE I Kermit for El Presidente campaign  MR MOOSE …..DID not fly a very wise decision considering the wind  as did our top gun pilot extraordinaire  UNCLE G  it was left to the ordinary other pilots to play in the wind  saying that they did extraordinary well  for non top gun pilots. STEPHEN   couldn’t be with us because some one had a birthday a person  who must be very important to keep our lad away …. altogether another day doing what we like best       kermit la frog  ……  VOTE I  Kermit for El Presidente