RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Windy Day Fly-In @ the field 6th November 2019

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      Well it sure was a windy old day today @ the Field, the forecast had changed several times over the last couple of days but today still looked like it was probably the best for flying.

      We opted for an earlier 10:30 start but when we arrived the winds were already up and increasing in strength.

      Not to be bluffed by the weather everyone (except the two trainees – Moose & Gerald) opted to fly.

      I had the X-Vert up for one flight after a hand launch and it flew fine till eventually the winds got too strong for the little motors & I had to make a hasty landing. Hopefully BA got some footage of it hovering (in horizontal mode-not vertical) in the gusts.

      Next it was time to fit a camera to the Bix 2 “Predator” Sport as this has way more power with the sport motor & 3 blade prop. Got a couple of decent 10 minute flights and some reasonable footage.

      Here is one of the videos shot with my old original 1080p Mobius camera.

      Ian had a couple of flights with his Bixler 3 and apart from one small scare when he selected “Circle Mode” instead of “RTH” and then lost sight of the plane. All was quickly recovered when the right mode was selected and the mighty Bix 3 quickly returned to sight & back to the field.

      Ian, Kermit & Ross all flew their respective Phantom Quads without incident.

      As the winds increased around midday it was decided to break for our customary BBQ lunch but we did manage a couple more flights after lunch before heading home as the weather once again closed in.

      With the long range forecast looking a tad ordinary for the next week or so I think this may be our last fly-in before at least the end of next week.

      Not looking good for boating on Saturday either.

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      NICE to see a turbulent video for a change   good one

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        Yet another fine video there Ross, your Phantom quad vid came out well, especially considering the conditions on the day.

        Definitely another fine day of flying at the Field.

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          Yes quite amazingly steady I’m impressed with the P3’s stability in rough conditions.

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      WELL WORTH THE WAIT finally the island in total  has been seen No planes destroyed Kermit had a fun jump El President  Ian was in election mode  but the frog has a PR MAN Mr I Moose  ESQ  already doing a sterling job an excellent addition to the VOTE I Kermit for El Presidente campaign  MR MOOSE …..DID not fly a very wise decision considering the wind  as did our top gun pilot extraordinaire  UNCLE G  it was left to the ordinary other pilots to play in the wind  saying that they did extraordinary well  for non top gun pilots. STEPHEN   couldn’t be with us because some one had a birthday a person  who must be very important to keep our lad away …. altogether another day doing what we like best       kermit la frog  ……  VOTE I  Kermit for El Presidente 


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      The first exhibit for our graveyard. The Phoenix


      After its last mishap it is time to say goodbye to the poor old Phoenix, it started its life as Moose’s SkyClimber many years ago when we were still flying @ Calverts Lagoon and she has clocked up many klm’s FPV since then & been resurrected from many seemingly fatal smashes. Unfortunately the foam is now more like rubber then rigid foam and the wings flap like a bird even with the oversize CF reinforcing spar so its time to become a resident in “The Field” graveyard.

      Luckily I have another Sky Climber (ex VK7FB – Mike) so its time to get that out of mothballs, carry out some minor repairs and get it fitted out to take over the FPV role of its predecessor.



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      Im sure she will have a place of honour hung in a flying position from the ceiling rafters and will look the part..😎

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