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Many Many years ago  the Queen (not Ricky ) said this year is a ANNUS HORRIBILIS ( Latin ) year  which when interpreted meant it was a bugger of of a year in this case..  day ..the pictures do not indicate the furious gusts the slap down mast snapping Davey Jones locker look see  winds ….. truly mind blowing day  We have seen for the first time what the pond has in store for us in the future ohhh gunna love the future  Small sails were the only sails that could with stand the intensity of the ” take me to the bottom ” wind   because I’m a responsible widdle frogy I removed myself from Pond and the brilliant sailors because I had only a+ sails and with the speed generated with them I could see an uncontrolled ramming  and sinking happening   plus I was s”%>t scared   congrats to the skippers who fought the winds to show why we sail  ps the pictures shown are from before sailing commenced so not a reflection of the day………. the battery failed so no drama shots  ” sorry “