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      T’was a duck with a difference enjoyed by the nine hardy skippers who sailed today, despite the ‘somewhat wintery’ weather forecast.

      With conditions ranging from mild to wild, rig choice became a crucial factor in speed and handling. With five skippers in C, two in B, another with an A plus a ’65 in a standard A nobody had the ideal setup for the entire six races today. We did however have lots of fun as usual plus a first time overall winner for our group.

      Our Don #99 (B Rig) had the blues today.  His joy at winning the first race by a considerable margin was quickly deflated as he broke his rig in the very next race. The unflappable Don then took one for the team and PRO’d for the rest of the day, doing a very fine job indeed.


      Not long after we started racing a nice couple from WA stopped and asked about what we do. Before you could say ‘DF’ each had a transmitter in their hands and were having a ball. It’s one of the joys of RC sailing to introduce new folks to the fun of sailing small boats and we hope they stay in contact and continue to sail RC when they get back to WA.

      Ron #63 (B Rig) returned to the fold today and took up his customary position aground on the far bank. He also managed to dislodge Kermit #82 from his customary position at the bottom of the fleet. Speaking of our amphibious friend, he ambitiously had his Icarex A on the duck hunter today…..he got buried …. time to invest in some smaller sails my slippery friend.

      Paul #59 (C Rig) sailed today with a borrowed Rig from Kyle but struggled in the conditions gaining a best result of fifth place in race 5.

      Great to see Ben on the water today withhis V5 ’65. Sailing with the standard A, he did really well, especially in the brief lulls when conditions eased a tad. The wind range these small boats can sail in is truly amazing.

      Col #72 tested a B rig before the races got underway and got flattened. Changing to a C rig meant he was slightly underpowered at times but they came into their own when the winds occasionally strengthened. Col did manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory a few times today, so best forget that.

      NS Stuart #58 changed to a C rig while mumbling something about not sailing in the rain. It didn’t rain, he got over it and sailed consistently and well gaining two firsts and a second place giving him second for the day

      Geoff #79 earned the Mr Consistency title today. Forever on the podium by showing some great skills in handling the sometimes baffling conditions, Geoff earns a well deserved third place overall.

      Today Justin #61 earned the title of Top Dog with a terrific display of skilled boat handling and consistent results. Congratulations on a job well done in leading the fleet home for the first time. Your day has come.

      After six races with one discard, the final scores were:-

      Ron on 50 points, Kermit on 42, Don on  41, Paul on 39, Ben on 21, Col on 14, Geoff on 12, Stuart on 12 (countback) and our winner today Justin on 11 points.

      Thank you everyone for making today a fun day out @ da Duck.

      Next week is DF65’s once more and with Ben hard on the chase it will be an interesting time.

      Reminder that Thursday 5th is Geralds’ IOM day @ da Duck. It is always a fantastic day of smooth sailing in a fresh water pond with fixed buoys and great access. Why not bring yours along and join in the fun too.

      Thanks to Kermit for taking some pictures today before the camera battery died. Words by Col and  fun for everyone who came along.

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      I am not sure the photos show how tough it must have been at times at the ‘Duck today. Sorry I missed it, but then again a B rig is my smallest.

      Thanks for the report and the photos, not as good as being there but it all helps!!

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      It was a great day but if you took your eyes off your boat it would end up all over the place lol really tested the skills

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      B rig held up pretty good mate

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      Many Many years ago  the Queen (not Ricky ) said this year is a ANNUS HORRIBILIS ( Latin ) year  which when interpreted meant it was a bugger of of a year in this case..  day ..the pictures do not indicate the furious gusts the slap down mast snapping Davey Jones locker look see  winds ….. truly mind blowing day  We have seen for the first time what the pond has in store for us in the future ohhh gunna love the future  Small sails were the only sails that could with stand the intensity of the ” take me to the bottom ” wind   because I’m a responsible widdle frogy I removed myself from Pond and the brilliant sailors because I had only a+ sails and with the speed generated with them I could see an uncontrolled ramming  and sinking happening   plus I was s”%>t scared   congrats to the skippers who fought the winds to show why we sail  ps the pictures shown are from before sailing commenced so not a reflection of the day………. the battery failed so no drama shots  ” sorry “

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      Sounds like a fun day was had by all, pity I missed it but unfortunately it’s a busy time of the year.

      Ill do my best to make it to the rest of the years racing.


      Score sheet is up in original post.

      As usual there have been some changes.

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      Looks like I missed another interesting day @ the “duck”.

      Loaded the car, then the rain bucketed down here, the wind was blowing a gale out on the water. Smallest rig I have is a “B” so like Stuart “I don’t sail in the rain”.

      Unloaded the car and 30 minutes later the sun came out, the wind died down, Bugger! (I should know better)


      Not sure about the “SMOOTH SAILING” Col mentioned about Thursday’s IOM sailing in his post.

      Forcast for Thursday

      Min 9
      Max 18
      Shower or two. Windy.
      Possible rainfall: 1 to 2 mm
      Chance of any rain: 70%
      Hobart area
      Cloudy. High (70%) chance of showers, most likely in the morning and afternoon. Winds north westerly 20 to 30 km/h increasing to 35 to 50 km/h in the middle of the day then tending westerly 30 to 45 km/h in the early afternoon

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      Lots of excitement! Thanks putting up with the wee 65 getting in the way. A couple of times there I felt like a speed hump as the 95’s blasted past downwind.  I can see I really need to get the B and C rigs working, though I probably made nearly as much in the lulls with the A rig, as I lost in the puffs.

      Those 65’s are amazing boats, as are the 95’s when they accelerate downwind at warp speed.

      Looking forward to next week, and I learned a lot today.


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      arhhhhhh     so its snow is it  well then snow ball i guess that’ nick name is what we address you as i liked big bad ben but……. snowy   it is  i agree it  (sailing ) was fun ay

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      Ha Kermit, since you guys all seem to have given yourselves cool usernames like Predator and Admiral or even Kermit I thought I’d do the same. But I’ll still answer to Big Bad Ben if you like!

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