Sorry for the delay, only just got back online. The Phoenix I have was bought from HK and did not include the radio gear. I don’t have any pictures fully assembled as it has yet to get there, in fact I have no idea where the rig went.

As it came

Bulb weight

Rudder did not fit well to hull

Comparing sails to Monsoon

It never got assembled as standard. This appears to where I got up to. The winch system was upgraded to double the speed. Also used a 7.2V winch servo with larger spool so I had to have dual power supplies ie 6 and 7.2V. Before I had a HV radio system. Looks like I also had a play with the booms and some reinforcing binding.

Also did a lot of under deck reinforcing of chain plates etc.

If you have one that came with a Beili radio be careful if you substitute a another radio. For some reason Beili have hard adjusted the end points of the winch control channel (3) down to about 80%. If you use a standard radio it will over drive the winch servo and create problems. We had a owner on SS1 who tried it and got into trouble. Basically you need to use a radio which has EP adjustment. The Beili Posiedon has the same problem.

If you have any questions I will try and answer them if I can.

Hopefully this is one of the yachts I will get on the water this summer. It is a nice looking yacht. How well it sails for me remains to be seen.