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        ok I am making a new keel as my phoenix is no good in strong winds and there sails are to big for them the standard keel is only 2kg the new one is at 3.5kg I still need to shape it what sort of weight should I be aiming for ?

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        By the time you shape it you will probably be looking at under well 3kg anyway so I’d just give it a try, you cant go too heavy or the boat wont sail on its correct waterline.

        I just checked back through some old photos of when I built my Monsoon in 2012 and the keel weight was only 1.65 kg and the Phoenix is only slightly larger so 2kg should actually work.

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        With the Monsoon and Phantom you could get the bulb to be anywhere between 1600-1800 gm using lead shot. You could get to 2000gm cutting the bulb open and laying in lead sheet.

        The Focus bulb is 2000gm. Just looked on HWH site and they want $65 plus delivery. That’s 1/5 of the price of a new one including a radio. Bit strong.

        My Phoenix bulb weighs 995gm so could be a different version to yours.

        I think 3000gm is going to be to much.

        Have you tried just wrapping some lead sheet around the bottom of fin to see what weight you should be aiming at. Not very stream line but will give you a good clue to the weight you should be aiming for.

        Maybe you can borrow a Monsoon/Phantom/Focus bulb and temp fix it to the your fin. Make sure it is secure as finding a replacement will be a big problem. Obviously you cant modify the borrowed bulb.

        A Monsoon bulb at 1600gm would be the heaviest I would go I would say. The lead sheet on the fin would be my first try. Has been done many times before.


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          Tugboat do you have a pic of your phoenix as I have not seen any others but have herd there was a few different model


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          Will do but it will be a few days as the pictures are on my PC and we have had to disconnect the internet this morning for a few days for some room remodeling. At least I still have my phone to keep across the forums. My Phoenix is still to get wet. Long story. Pred will enlighten you. Have more fun building and modifying than getting wet.

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          The only two variants I know of is the one that was sold by HK which did not come with a radio and another sold through other distributors which included a radio. All made by Beili.

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          Sorry I tried to post a reply tonight but when I pressed submit it disappeared. I will try again tomorrow when I get some time. There was only 5 photos, maybe there is a size limit. I will resize them and try again.

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          Sorry for the delay, only just got back online. The Phoenix I have was bought from HK and did not include the radio gear. I don’t have any pictures fully assembled as it has yet to get there, in fact I have no idea where the rig went.

          As it came

          Bulb weight

          Rudder did not fit well to hull

          Comparing sails to Monsoon

          It never got assembled as standard. This appears to where I got up to. The winch system was upgraded to double the speed. Also used a 7.2V winch servo with larger spool so I had to have dual power supplies ie 6 and 7.2V. Before I had a HV radio system. Looks like I also had a play with the booms and some reinforcing binding.

          Also did a lot of under deck reinforcing of chain plates etc.

          If you have one that came with a Beili radio be careful if you substitute a another radio. For some reason Beili have hard adjusted the end points of the winch control channel (3) down to about 80%. If you use a standard radio it will over drive the winch servo and create problems. We had a owner on SS1 who tried it and got into trouble. Basically you need to use a radio which has EP adjustment. The Beili Posiedon has the same problem.

          If you have any questions I will try and answer them if I can.

          Hopefully this is one of the yachts I will get on the water this summer. It is a nice looking yacht. How well it sails for me remains to be seen.


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          Tug, for some reason (that I haven’t managed to track down yet) your post went into an Approval Pending box. I Approved it and its now posted.  Kermit was having a similar problem at times and I suspect it is when you do a post with multiple LARGE photo files.

          I always use Picasa to crop & resize my pics to 1024 x ?? and never have a problem. Since Kermit has started resizing his pics his problem seems to have gone away. Not sure but MAYBE.

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          Thanks Pred, I assumed it was the photo size. These photos were taken many years ago on a digital camera and were large. I used to convert them when posting on SS. For some time I have been using my phone to take pictures and then emailing them to my PC and downsizing them then. Totally forgot the picture resizing, sorry. Will down size in future. Was just sitting down to resize the photos and try and remember what I said, well it was 12 hrs ago. Glad it did save somewhere.

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          As I said not sure if yours came with a Beili radio. If it did make sure you always turn on the Tx first and last on shut down. This yacht comes with a closed loop winch system and has set factory end points in the Tx. If you turn the Rx on first or you use a non standard radio the winch can turn out of its set range and mess up your sheeting. Normally I have looked at modifying the winch system of the yachts I have bought to a closed loop system as it is very positive in control. The Phoenix is the only yacht I have bought that has had this system as standard.

          Winch system standard in Phoenix.

          But as I cant help myself I could not leave it as standard. Replaced the winch servo with a 7.2v 25kg unit. Increased the diameter of the drum. Added a pulley to double the speed. And used a elastic tension system. All to get maximum sheet speed. Still to be proven but should work. This was all done some time ago and have since purchased a HV radio system so will install that and make the electronics simpler before launch.

          New winch system.


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          Thanks Pred

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            yeah that’s the same as mine they don’t sail to bad . I have done the same rigging setup with mine . You can have the setup you have done with the winch as there is not a lot of room in the hatch what do they run as the rear hatch as mine has never had one would not mind getting someone to print me one a 3D  printer this is mine that pred filmed when I got it on the water


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