As I said not sure if yours came with a Beili radio. If it did make sure you always turn on the Tx first and last on shut down. This yacht comes with a closed loop winch system and has set factory end points in the Tx. If you turn the Rx on first or you use a non standard radio the winch can turn out of its set range and mess up your sheeting. Normally I have looked at modifying the winch system of the yachts I have bought to a closed loop system as it is very positive in control. The Phoenix is the only yacht I have bought that has had this system as standard.

Winch system standard in Phoenix.

But as I cant help myself I could not leave it as standard. Replaced the winch servo with a 7.2v 25kg unit. Increased the diameter of the drum. Added a pulley to double the speed. And used a elastic tension system. All to get maximum sheet speed. Still to be proven but should work. This was all done some time ago and have since purchased a HV radio system so will install that and make the electronics simpler before launch.

New winch system.