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There are lots of instances of this, mainly toy RC vehicles being charged by kids and not understanding the dangers. The parents also are amazed that a small model can cause so much damage.

There was an instance over here a few years ago when a very experienced flyer charged his batteries in his expensive plane. Not something he normally does but he was running out of time. He always stayed around while on charge but this time his daughter came out to get some help with a DVD playing. By the time he got back to his garage he could not get in the door. Lost his garage and all his gear, luckily the fire brigade saved the house. Why it happened is unknown but it can.

At the moment I have my LiPo’s in fireproof bags but that takes a bit of room. Thinking of using metal boxes, vented, I think will be more space efficient. Had a look at a number of YT videos and there seems to be two schools of thought. How do you store yours?