RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 16th December 2019 Reply To: Fly-In @ The Field 16th December 2019


Well bad angel you win  excellent video  pity there was no music  perhaps uncle g could help you out there  other than that brilliant stuff  as for the presidents remarks cleverly disguised wish wash I feel a very strong responsibility to the flyers of the field to give what a non flying possible retiring president cannot  i.e.      1  keep his trousers up…   I CAN   2 sit upright on a seat and stay there…. I CAN  4 eat meat I DO  5 tell jokes…. ok ya got me there 6 crash aircraft……  buggar lose that one to….  anyway as second in command  I’m ready AND IN CLOSING  I’m very unhappy with predators remarks about our beloved president  I quote “Oh well always next week before the Fat Man comes.”  tusk tusk  the predator probably will get some flak over that remark I’m sure    HAVE A NICE DAY