RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 A quick little Fly-In in the run up to Christmas 2019 Reply To: A quick little Fly-In in the run up to Christmas 2019


FIRST OF ALL UNCLE G …I LOVED THE MUSIC    as always top video  ta   im just waiting for the day our beloved el president puts a camera on his planes  THEN YOU WILL SEE COMPETITION  they may be very very short films but interesting all the same  Ricky’s love child was once again showing us the art of flying  inverted / stall/ spins  and the one I love to watch vertical horizontal flight  I don’t know if that’s the right words  but flys it like his dads chopper  something I nearly perfected on todays flight  but the donk didn’t have enough power where others though I was going to crash  ha ha all part of the top gun flight training there folks  along with landing with out a wheel  nothing to it  my TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  school trains for emergency’s like these  EASY PECIE my thanks to predator today and other days where my aircraft needed attention and a special ta for the rescue of my wheel I never saw it fall off his hearing is off but his eye sight is still sharp   The fear of losing control of the flight line brought out our beloved leader today to strengthen his control over the flight line members as he flew today no grumbles were heard  but honestly who would grumble at such a lovely leader as our own   last week I said no talking to the skinny one until he put some weight on (RICKY ) and today  we were talking to him as he did comply WELL DONE  soon dear boy you will be just like us PERFECT  my bestest mate cobber MR moose couldn’t be with us today and sadly missed  bad angel did arrive  but with out aircraft but with a little red haired  boy he found on the road  plus no camera  I did notice a deep conservation going on with uncle g about how to import music into his videos   SO  may the force be with you lot and keep safe  cheers