RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Final Fly-In for 2019 Reply To: Final Fly-In for 2019


LET ME ADD A FISHY STORY TO ….. I tossed back about 10 prawns the other day  big buggars ………..into my tum  tum   Now back to the last flight  twas that flamin big black sea eagle that took my tundra out of the sky  every one saw it after the attack  EVEN THE RESIDENT SKY GOD saw it but to late to catch it on film    god damn he was fast    I did catch it on the inboard camera  but I cant edit the video yet but rest assured when I get it together  you will all see the truth   Fine flying by uncle g  it was a good thing that my aircraft was taken out other wise it would have been his putt putt attacked by the evil  dastardly monster that flies over the field    BUT YOU CANT STOP THESE TUNDRAS  shes repaired  and ready for the next attack     great day fellas  ta