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      With the weather about to turn ballistic over the next few days (40c tomorrow & cooler but blowing a gale Tuesday) we decided to take advantage of the almost windless morning & mid range temp to have a quick fly before it got too hot or the southerly winds came in.

      There were only 3 Flight-line tragics in attendance today with 5 planes (or maybe 6 with Gerald’s VTOL that I saw hiding in his car) between us, but they all spent time in the air.

      There was virtually no wind at ground level but once airborne the conditions were definitely a little more interesting.

      Gerald found the going not to the liking of his TrainStar (its a very lightweight plane that doesn’t handle wind well) so he quickly swapped over to the Bix 3 for several successful flights.

      Kermit had his Tundra flying beautifully & even got to test the RTH function when he briefly lost sight of where he was, the Tundra responded to the command and returned back to directly overhead. After a bit more uneventful flying Kermit had a mishap (he tells us it was the resident eagle again) and nose planted it, rather heavily, yet again on landing.

      Oh well they say we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it just takes a few more mistakes.


      I had a 10 minute flight with the Grand Tundra fitted with 3 onboard cameras, video compilation below,

      then followed it up with a bit of (rather poor) 3D aerobatics with the Bix 2 Sport and finally some low level flying, just because the day was so nice & calm.

      No BBQ today so we packed up around 12:30 just as the temp & the wind started to increase.

      So that is it for flying now until 2020.

      Happy New Year to one and all.



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      Sorry we missed today,but the King Flathead will make up for that.Happy new year all

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      Kingy’s eh, I guess you were fishing out off the east coast then. We fished Frederick Henry yesterday and got a feed of size ones just but probably threw back 30 or more just over 300

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      LET ME ADD A FISHY STORY TO ….. I tossed back about 10 prawns the other day  big buggars ………..into my tum  tum   Now back to the last flight  twas that flamin big black sea eagle that took my tundra out of the sky  every one saw it after the attack  EVEN THE RESIDENT SKY GOD saw it but to late to catch it on film    god damn he was fast    I did catch it on the inboard camera  but I cant edit the video yet but rest assured when I get it together  you will all see the truth   Fine flying by uncle g  it was a good thing that my aircraft was taken out other wise it would have been his putt putt attacked by the evil  dastardly monster that flies over the field    BUT YOU CANT STOP THESE TUNDRAS  shes repaired  and ready for the next attack     great day fellas  ta

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      Kermit, thanks for sacrificing your Tundra to that great big eagle, just so as Mike and I could have a few good fly’s with our planes.

      Good to here she’s already repaired and ready to fight another day!

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      Your welcome UNCLE G but from now on I will check the sky for that cursed big black monster    or ……..just go fishing

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      Great videos Mike and nice flying by Uncle G and Mike.

      And now for Kermit

      I don’t believe it was that dreaded eagle more like the Gods are finally seeking payback for all the dreadful things that the frog has done over the past year.

      When you really think about it why did it happen on the last flight for the year

      This post does not require a response ( from the Frog )

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      DEAR MR MOOOSE  With respect I do have to reply  firstly the eagle  was seen by UNCLE G and the resident skygod predator so there  as for things I may or may not have done this year  has no bearing  on the incident in question   to slight me is to do the same to predator and uncle g  who as stated in the first instance saw the big black evil monster  but was not fast enough to film it   go ahead ask em    Respectfully  Kermit la frog  2ic flight line gang

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      Mr Moose, I’m sorry but I have to back Kermit on this occasion, I did indeed see a very large eagle flying around and Mike did try to get a photo but wasn’t quick enough.

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      MOOSE ……SEE SMARTY BUM …. thank you uncle g

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