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With regard to the Jumper T16 issues (reported above) when using Spektrum protocols, eagle eyed Gerald found the following post on the Team Black Sheep website.

Radio Firmware – Important! 
Both the v2.2.3 and v2.3 versions of JumperTX available for download from the Jumper site support the internal Multiprotocol module, but both have a bug with DSM/Spektrum on the internal module only. The bug has been fixed in the source code but new builds have not been released by Jumper. If you use DSM/Spektrum receivers you must either: Download the latest JumperTX 2.2.3 source from Github and compile it yourself, or Flash the patched JumperTX firmware build (which was built from the Github source and first published here) If you do not do this you will have problems with DSM receivers – inability to bind and/or unstable controls. You have been warned!

With that in mind I’ll go back to using the Taranis & the Spektrum radio till the recoded firmware is readily available.

In the meantime I’ll test the radio with Geralds (External) Multi Protocol module and see if its only the internal module at fault or the actual radio coding.

The Fox glider has been refitted with a FRSky X8R receiver and she is good to go again for our next Fly-In. Should have the replacement Bix 2 ready to go as well in the next day or two.