RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 29th January 2020

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      Another little Fly-In at the field @ Sandford today.

      A good turn up with Gerald, Ian, Ricky, Stephen, Moose, Kermit, Ross & me, most sporting multiple planes.

      Whilst it was calm early it didn’t take long for the winds (and the temperature to pick up).

      Most still flew at least one plane or quad and there were a couple of mishaps to boot.

      I think Stephen was the first to come to grief when testing a rebuilt plane on a new radio, seems the motor was a bit under power and a less than pretty landing eventuated.

      Moose followed soon after. He managed 3 perfect landings with his Tundra but brought the fourth in way to steep and managed to pop the wing mount off again.

      Ian has all sorts of flying things today & whilst his Bixler III flying went off without a hitch he managed to loose (as in never to be seen again) his little (read very little model) twin engined bomber  when it got caught in the wind.

      Kermit only flew his mini quad today (as we need to do some reprogramming to suit his plane radio) and whilst one flight ended in a bit of searching to see where he landed all was still in one piece & ready to fly again.

      Not sure what, if anything , Gerald flew today & the same with Ross but Im sure they will add to the post later.

      I was doing further testing with the new Jumper T16 Pro (assisted by Gerald) and after finding that the Spektrum protocols (multi protocol radio) were very limited in range I had to fly very close to home with the MDM-1 Fox glider.

      Managed a couple of flights & a bit of video.

      Hopefully we can get to the bottom of the Jumper radio issues before our next Fly-In or else I will need to change back to the trusty old DX8 Spektrum & the Taranis X9D and return the Jumper for a refund.



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      My take on our day @ ‘The Field’

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      I can’t get over how dry this place is, roll on winter and hopefully some green grass instead of this..

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      Saw Kermit after he came out after swimming in the Canal last Saturday.


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      I WONT LOWER MYSELF TO REPLY TO THE MOOSES COMMENT  BECAUSE THE DEAR OL THING IS JUST HANGING IN THERE    nice videos fellas anyone see UNCLE G flying today DID anyone see the first two landings of the moooses put putt  noooooo how about the last one    ” I quote bad angel “….ha ha ha

      in the sport of fencing    touch’e   I think

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      The Moose with his sharp eye sight did not see Uncle G fly

      Sorry uncle G but I can’t tell fibs


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        I tried flapping my arms real fast, but I just couldn’t get off the ground.

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      With regard to the Jumper T16 issues (reported above) when using Spektrum protocols, eagle eyed Gerald found the following post on the Team Black Sheep website.

      Radio Firmware – Important! 
      Both the v2.2.3 and v2.3 versions of JumperTX available for download from the Jumper site support the internal Multiprotocol module, but both have a bug with DSM/Spektrum on the internal module only. The bug has been fixed in the source code but new builds have not been released by Jumper. If you use DSM/Spektrum receivers you must either: Download the latest JumperTX 2.2.3 source from Github and compile it yourself, or Flash the patched JumperTX firmware build (which was built from the Github source and first published here) If you do not do this you will have problems with DSM receivers – inability to bind and/or unstable controls. You have been warned!

      With that in mind I’ll go back to using the Taranis & the Spektrum radio till the recoded firmware is readily available.

      In the meantime I’ll test the radio with Geralds (External) Multi Protocol module and see if its only the internal module at fault or the actual radio coding.

      The Fox glider has been refitted with a FRSky X8R receiver and she is good to go again for our next Fly-In. Should have the replacement Bix 2 ready to go as well in the next day or two.

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      In REGARD TO THE JUMPER MK T16 ISSUES  I used a patch from the garage  using a multiprotocol glue  which when used with an external sand paper )(e104) made the patch work and as yet has not released  if you use a flash this will have the inability to bind thus making the zamazoon blow up female  unusable with out a spectrum  DSM  from a GITUP HARD  powered source  I hope this helps

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        Ah my little amphibious mate, if only it was that simple. then perhaps I could go to the field just to fly and you could solve everyone’s problems. 🙂

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      Ketmit quickly log a patent on that fix..

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      Unfortunately The “acme Zamazoom model ” was superseded last week with a new fail safe model  with the standard internal gituphard module  reports are favourable As a long time user of the previous model ACME  will send the upgraded model to me for valuation .AS im still happy with the     Zamazoom  I  only hope that the upgraded model has a safety latch connected to the pressure  relief valve  as my standard twin cowl model would deflate and go down on me  ( but I didn’t worry about that )  I have asked for the new Karzam with the enlarged twin cowlings  to be sent to predators house  then he can fly it  at the field ( somewhere away from us ) and his problems will be solved  see Pred i’v already started to solve  every ones problems   HAPPY MAN HAPPY FLYER   don’t thank me  dear boy the smile on your face will say it all

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        At last you have found your true calling !!

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      That frog is a pitiful individual

      So sad to see He wont be with us for very long  ( I have a Plan )          

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      Geeeeeeez Kermit I think some people are out to get you keep your head down and under the radar until they go away🤔😑🙄😉😚🤐😴😕

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