RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 18/02/2020 Reply To: Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 18/02/2020


TODAY we were treated to a visitor with royal blood  I refer to SIR  Vic Montague his fame is for  an island way way back  named after his ancestor  had a wee on the island hence the island was called “Montague lizard island ”  I rubbed shoulders with this most Nobel man and instantly felt this is the man to challenge me for my coveret’d   position at the pond so I wished him well (not meaning it ) and pressed on  I was also fortunate in having seated next to me the” fountain cleaner” Mr Dave who started the day with a nice little rub down of the fountain    he said that he wanted to clear a  path he intended to take during the racing   an it worked  he must have  liked it for he cleaned the fountain again an again Under tuition from me  Dave showed he has what it takes ( silvo or brasso  ) and on that theme our own Graeme  the boy …..opps . buoy  narh that’s sexists  the round thing in the water every one goes around except  Graeme who has a deep desire to caress the round thingi  every chance he can get  proved that rubbing the thingi will get you a podium finish  Our  pinkie did in fact bring a boat to the pond as suggested in the forums were he said he was going to bring his pink bits  I suggested he bring his boat as well  He listened and did bring it and raced very well  to the second spot  just a wee tad behind the god of the pond  I refer to of couse ME  narh just kiddin   the Admiral  the Winner by a huge margin  one point but a Big one point  Mr consistency ( GEOF  ) the admiral calls him  the others fear him rightly so  never ever get in a scrum with him you will lose two sinking’s this boy has engraved on the side of the boat an its not his boat he uses    Ricky did well today for a youngster fourth place  as did SIR VIC TAKING  the most prized position at the pond away from Kermit   but to be fair  I let the main lander take the spot so he could brag about it back home  its a PR  thing I like to do every now an then  Trying to think what the quite achiever did to day I’m talking about Phil you  know him “ghost who sails ”  he just merges into the almost top spot  with out you noticing  an he did it again  third (any one notice )…..god he’s good  THAT PEOPLE is how it went down today perfect sailing on a perfect day