RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 18/02/2020


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      In perfect sunshine and moderate temps all nine skippers had a ripping day @ da Duck today.

      The weather was fine and mild as advertised, with light winds mostly from the North however there were some challenging parts around the course that troubled all skippers with its swirling and quick direction changes.

      A slightly modified handicap system was trialled today. This system is being adopted for the upcoming Peter Smith Memorial Regatta being held this 7th of March at Puddleduck Vineyard. For the full information on this unique event please click this link.  https://dftasmania.com

      The new system differs from what we normally use in that First place has a 10 second penalty added, second has 5 seconds whilst third and lower registers no change to existing penalties.

      The system we have been using was +15, +10, +5 for the first three placegetters. We have also been subtracting five seconds from a skippers handicap for placings fourth and lower.

      The new system allows no subtractions and all handicaps are cumulative.  This makes it easier for the scorer to score and for skippers to remember what their current handicaps are.

      After our first race day the feedback was very positive and so we will adopt this method for all future races at Puddleduck.

      Phil #58 exchanged PRO duties for a borrowed DF65 (thanks Kyle) and joined in the fray with some rather stellar performances. Phil is ordering his own soon and judging by his excellent sailing will be hard to beat as soon as it arrives and is dialled in. Some wayward battery issue had him rowing out to pick up #58 from its dilemma.

      We had a visiting skipper from the Gosford Sailing Club NSW join in the fun today. Vic Montague #85 loves his sailing and so brought his 65 over with him to check out the Puddleduck crew. Vic pulled out of the last four races but stayed on as an observer, later joining us for coffee on the deck when racing had concluded.

      Dave #48 was the big improver, coming home with a victory in race eight and thirds in races one and five. His day started pretty exciting though with a quick fountin’ mountin’ before things got underway.

      Graham #52 had his older RG65 wound up today coming home with victories in race two and four after bombing out in the first. It was Graham’s turn to run foul of the buoys and not being happy with one stranding after getting clear promptly did it again!

      Geoff #80 was Mr Consistency today with four fifth places, two fourths and a second in the first race. Such a sociable fellow our Geoff always manages to find the fleet scrum and get involved, not always coming off a winner though.

      Kermit #82 looking very stylish today in his tomb raider outfit graciously allowed our mainland visitor to take his most converted  last place. spot. Always the clubman, Kermit also took some fine photographs of the proceedings for our enjoyment.

      After grabbing victory in race one, our Ricky #92 managed to slide into lots of dead air holes around the course, of which there were many. I couldn’t be sure however as the glare from his new hat made it difficult to see.

      Pete #78 aka “pink bits” was on fire today with an outright victory in race six, three seconds and the same number of thirds. Pete was unlucky not to win the day but as is often the case we fall victim of our own successes and his two race drop just wasn’t enough.

      Wins in race three and four, two seconds and two thirds was a good day @ da Duck for Col #23. Having his share of ‘Duck Luck’, it was the two dropped races were he bombed to fifth and sixth respectively that put him over the line to be today’s winner.

      After nine races with two drops, the final points were:

      Vic on 56 points, Kermit on 32, Geoff on 25, Dave on 24, Graeme on 23, Ricky on 21, Phil on 16, Pete on 13 and our winner today Col on 12 points.

      Thank you everyone for making the Duck a great place to be today. Great company and even better racing.

      Next Tuesday is the run up to our annual Peter Smith Memorial Regatta slated for Saturday 7th March at Puddleduck. https://dftasmania.com As is our usual practice we sail and clinic DF65s for the last few Tuesdays before this event. Whereas this coming Tuesday would have been the DF95s turn we will instead be sailing exclusively DF65s.

      Words by Col, pics by Kermit -> fun inevitable.

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      Another great day at the Duck. A few laughs and some close racing amongst all the sailors. The fleet is now very close in speed and wins are hard fought.

      Thanks to Col and Kermit for reporting on the fun.

      I look forward to reading Kermit’s report as to what actually did happen in the racing today.

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        It’s a pleasure to spend time with the guys and fun to write about it too. Life’s good. 😎

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      Thanks for the report & pics Col & Kermit. Sounds & looks like a great day was had by all.

      I’ve told the guys NO FLYING next Tuesday (be hard to top today’s flying anyway) as we need to get back in practice for the Pete Smith Memorial on the 7th.

      I’ll get the 65’s back out of mothballs this week & all greased up for next Tuesday.


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        Looking forward to you being back on the water again Mike!!

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      TODAY we were treated to a visitor with royal blood  I refer to SIR  Vic Montague his fame is for  an island way way back  named after his ancestor  had a wee on the island hence the island was called “Montague lizard island ”  I rubbed shoulders with this most Nobel man and instantly felt this is the man to challenge me for my coveret’d   position at the pond so I wished him well (not meaning it ) and pressed on  I was also fortunate in having seated next to me the” fountain cleaner” Mr Dave who started the day with a nice little rub down of the fountain    he said that he wanted to clear a  path he intended to take during the racing   an it worked  he must have  liked it for he cleaned the fountain again an again Under tuition from me  Dave showed he has what it takes ( silvo or brasso  ) and on that theme our own Graeme  the boy …..opps . buoy  narh that’s sexists  the round thing in the water every one goes around except  Graeme who has a deep desire to caress the round thingi  every chance he can get  proved that rubbing the thingi will get you a podium finish  Our  pinkie did in fact bring a boat to the pond as suggested in the forums were he said he was going to bring his pink bits  I suggested he bring his boat as well  He listened and did bring it and raced very well  to the second spot  just a wee tad behind the god of the pond  I refer to of couse ME  narh just kiddin   the Admiral  the Winner by a huge margin  one point but a Big one point  Mr consistency ( GEOF  ) the admiral calls him  the others fear him rightly so  never ever get in a scrum with him you will lose two sinking’s this boy has engraved on the side of the boat an its not his boat he uses    Ricky did well today for a youngster fourth place  as did SIR VIC TAKING  the most prized position at the pond away from Kermit   but to be fair  I let the main lander take the spot so he could brag about it back home  its a PR  thing I like to do every now an then  Trying to think what the quite achiever did to day I’m talking about Phil you  know him “ghost who sails ”  he just merges into the almost top spot  with out you noticing  an he did it again  third (any one notice )…..god he’s good  THAT PEOPLE is how it went down today perfect sailing on a perfect day

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