RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 24th February 2020 Reply To: Fly-In @ “The Field” 24th February 2020


NOW that will take some beating   No” quite back ground music ” reduces the score  but still I think the winner today  is BA I just chuckled every time our beloved president had a wee wee  he’s gunna kill ya for this   you should not mock our beloved el president like this every one needs a wee wee now an then and then and  then  and then  By filming our prezie this way shows that he’s not a god but mortal but I as 2ic    I will always see him as a living god

Quite a busy day soo much good stuff goin on    A note for our Prezzie grandchildren arrived back from Melbourne  today and in fact played with my drone thingi  unfortunately they have one each at home  so quite experienced at it   but all’s not lost the dragon plays with it when I let her   he he he   well done bad angel top notch video