RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 24th February 2020

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      Yet another fine day of flying @ The Field today.

      Ross had scheduled a 10:00am start (but must have slept in) so Ricky & Gerald were already queued @ the gate when I arrived early (I thought) @ 09:45.

      There was no wind at all to start with and as the morning drew on it did come up ever so slightly.

      We had Ricky, Gerald, Mike, Kermit, Stephen, Ian, Ron & Ross all flying today so not a bad rollcall for a Monday morning.

      I spent the first hour or so playing with the new Sony 4K FDR-AX33 video camera so hopefully I was pressing the right buttons and got some good video.  Ross (who just happens to have the same model camera) was also very busy in the first hour or so while Ricky, Stephen, Gerald & Kermit put on a show.

      Kermit & the Frog finally managed a near perfect Bungee jump from the Phantom Quad & I think my camera missed it, hopefully Ross did a better job than me.

      Kermit also had a nice long flight with his “Steam Punk Flyer” followed by a near perfect landing. Way to go Kermie.

      Stephen had a couple of flights with his “Red thing” but eventually the motor came loose and suffered a small amount of damage, and it had been flying so well.

      Ricky had the Limbo Dancer doing her thing along with one of his small helicopters.

      Ron C (our newest member) arrived today with a regular plane & a flying wing, all resplendent with FPV gear inc antenna tracker & some very fancy FPV goggles. I think we were more interested in his fancy goggles than his planes (I’m sure I saw Ross flying FPV with them). Ron did at least manage a flight or two so all was not lost.


      I had a nice long FPV flight (with plenty of unpowered gliding) with the “Gooney Bird” (ASW-28) today as well as several flights with the Bixler 2 V2 Sport


      This is just a bit of spiced up video from the original old Mobius camera on the Bix II Predator


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      Here’s my video for the day.

      With music just for BA!

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        Back to pilot gunnery school for you too many misses… I reckon Kermit’s flight school nay have gunnery classes after viewing this

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      yep twas a good flying day  every one flew  I retrieved the pilot Shute and the canopy sleeve that was left in the tree from  the last Kermit jump    and was knackered after my flight with the steam punk flyer  that names gotta go  and a special ta goes to the predator for setting up the sky surfer  “not there yet but next fly it will be”   the new be(RON ) will settle in well I recon  as  2IC    I will try to steer the boy away from the riff raff  so he can enjoy flying  with the cream of the flight line gang  ohhh wait  the riff raff is the gang  that means he will be flying with me good move    WE DID MISS OUR MR MOOOSE TODAY  another fine gentleman  and fellow best of the best  Another activity was performed today in the lunch room  I refer to dome flying  our president gave 6 of these flyers to his most loyal followers  as I received them all I distributed the others to the  less reliable mob  and today we did in fact fly these remarkable drones  unfortunately our great leader for life wasn’t there to see it  sooooo sad         So today was number one  all the boxes ticked

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        Was there music I muted the thingy here I watch on when I spotted with my little eye your video but thanks for the very kind thoughts, much appreciated 😵👹🤖👳🎹📢🎸🎼🎤🎻🎼🎹😎😵

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      MY GOD AT FIRST I THOUGHT IT WAS BAD ANGELS VIDEO soooo well done but no uncle g  this was a pleasure to watch  the music was fantastic  the shots very interesting   just laid out so well    I’m thinking that there should be a award for the best flying video to be presented  at the Christmas shin dig   I will talk to our beloved president  on that regard …. fantastic

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        Kermit are you saying my video are shit if that was the intended implication I tend to agree

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          Where is your video?

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            Just putting the music on it so I can get a 5 star rating

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      Just watched the last of the videos from the bad angels stables  as usual top  notch   sadly lacking  music  but still up there with the other contenders   I would give 5 stars but  no music gets him 4 an an itibit    perhaps UNCLE G  could lend you some of his easy listening music?   ……. nope it was another one from pred  sorry about that  I tried to rremove this   but nope wont go

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      This video is titled ‘Taking the Pisser’ I will say mo more:

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        Another good video from BA well worth the wait.

        I turned the volume right up but I couldn’t here the music? So sorry BA I’m with Kermit the prize goes to Mike and the new camera this week.

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      I would happily put a music track on mine but no one seems to appreciate good Country Music any more so I don’t bother.

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      NOW that will take some beating   No” quite back ground music ” reduces the score  but still I think the winner today  is BA I just chuckled every time our beloved president had a wee wee  he’s gunna kill ya for this   you should not mock our beloved el president like this every one needs a wee wee now an then and then and  then  and then  By filming our prezie this way shows that he’s not a god but mortal but I as 2ic    I will always see him as a living god

      Quite a busy day soo much good stuff goin on    A note for our Prezzie grandchildren arrived back from Melbourne  today and in fact played with my drone thingi  unfortunately they have one each at home  so quite experienced at it   but all’s not lost the dragon plays with it when I let her   he he he   well done bad angel top notch video



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        Geez I reckon the real reason for my logie from you is that your ugly face is in the video leader, come’on truth time, but I’ll take the prize..😎

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      Now Now Pred  I love country music  and I’m sure others are of the same  opinion try it  an we will hold a vote on the best sound track  however UNCLE G’ S   music take will take some beating  WONT BE HARD TO BEAT  bad angel’s

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      Another attempt at me trying to post a photo.

      Some of you have already looked around for the mirror style goggles. I purchased mine for $120 but I notice the ones available on Banggood now are slightly different and now more expensive.  I don’t think the ones I got are available now and Banggood even changed the photo of the the ones I bought in my previous orders list.


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        I have already purchased got the same as yours price now $150 AU  also brought an echine 100 dvr which does 16. 9 for $20, after purchase found the same goggles from a Singapore supplier for $120+ gst

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          Great news BA. Hopefully they will not take too long to come in.

          I’ve been trying to post internet links to stuff but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve been using the Insert Link button in the tool bar but with no success.

          I’m glad you found a dvr for it.



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            Yeah forgot to discuss the dvr but did a bit of research and found this little baby, I wanted 16.9 which are a bit hard to find in the cheapies, the you tube review looked ok and will be ok for my pip videos…😀

            They say about ten day delivery time, we’ll see… Really looking forward to flying with these just fits my requirements perfectly… Thanks

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        Ron, after using the insert link button always click the edit button and make sure the link hasn’t doubled up on the (https//:) bit as this is built into the link setup so sometimes when you cut and paste from another web page you end up with an incorrect link.

        I find the easiest is to display the page you want to link to then copy the link from the top address bar, works every time.

        Like Here

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      DEAR BAD ANGEL  In respect to your video on the flying  your assumption is flawed on several points  your video ticked almost all requirements for an enjoyerable look   1 / humour  2/ mixed  content  3/ excitement 4/ naughtiness 5/ interviewing   Sadly  the down side  no peaceful light music in the back ground  as we have come accustomed to in  UNCLE G’ S this is very noticeable  in your productions  perhaps your editing machine thingi hasn’t got a music gizmo part in it  for I see no other reason why a brilliant violist like yourself  doesn’t move with the tide so to speak  and the last comment  like all good story’s the first frame needs to sell the video  and you know what sells by putting me my kisser on the front page  you guaranteed  a huge video audience   very cleaver indeed   I trust this explanation explain the reason I gave you top  best video  Regards   2ic Kermit la frog

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      Back to pilot gunnery school for you too many misses… I reckon Kermit’s flight school nay have gunnery classes after viewing this..

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        Ah well, hopefully I will improve with time.

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      Now we know why Stephen’s motor fell off!

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        And there goes our dear leaders C17 off on another top secret mission the the middle east again what hero’s we await your return..

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