RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 11th March 2020 Reply To: Fly-In @ “The Field” 11th March 2020


Here’s my right of reply…. Shes back from now we know from China from a very important secret mission to wipe out the corona virus aka Covid-19 as requested by Chinese President Ping Pong to our trusted worldly leader… Just great news eh ! So non believer Kermit put that in ya pipe and smoke it… I think to make penance a medal is required for it’s crew bravery on such an important mission for the world, what a gong for the FLG gang on and behalf for our dear leader KJ Ian for life and after life as we know it who knew totally about this top secret mission of world importance was so secret it couldn’t be shared with you non believers only with me (BA) his holy trusted crawler friend and loving underling ….