RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 11th March 2020

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      Another good rollup @ the Flying Field today with 6 intrepid pilots ready & eager to strut their stuff.

      We were joined today by our long time member Chris, on a return trip to Tas from working overseas for the past many months as well as Ross, Ian, Stephen, Kermit & yours truly.

      Even though Chris was only driving a very small car he still managed to cram numerous planes in. The Skipper & Piper Cub were just a couple along with his Mavic Mini & his FPV gear.

      Ian tried a bit of FPV with his Bix 3 but after getting off to a bad start with a plane that would not arm then a faulty FPV feed things only got worse. Needless to say that Ian will soon be in possession of a brand new Bixler 3, once you see Ross’s pics you will understand why.

      Ross had numerous flights (FPV & otherwise) with his Bix 3 and all went well, Cant say the same about his “INDUCTION” Crystal Ball flying thing. It picked up a thermal & headed off to join Ian’s C17 somewhere in the Middle East methinks.

      Stephen’s day was uneventful, flying his Red/Blue beastie. The only thing that eventually grounded him was he had exhausted all his batteries.

      Kermit was still waiting for parts for his Tundra so he gave his Phantom 3 a workout with the frog bungee jumping & skydiving.

      I had a successful flight or 3 with the XVert VTOL plane and actually managed several vertical landings in the almost non existent wind. I’m sure our mad cameraman Ross will have captured at least some of them.

      Also had a near 30 minute thermalling flight with my Bix 2 Sport with less that 10 minutes of battery time used.

      Had two good flights with the MDM-1 Fox glider, the earlier one was mainly under power but the one around midday gave me over 15 minutes of thermal activity for only a couple of minutes of battery power to launch & land.

      Flight 2 Thermalling

      Flight 1 Powered

      All in all it was another great day, bad luck to those who missed out.

      We finished up with our customary BBQ lunch (can no longer say “of snags in bread” as these days its steak, prawns. eggs & bacon and everything else that takes the pilots fancy!!

      I’m sure we will all do it again next week.

      Something from Chris.

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      Looks like I missed a great day at the field, Bloody coronavirus (or man flu)!

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        Well Gerald you were warned to stay away from those Corona’s and drink good Tassie Cascade Red!!, but you were missed & it was a fantastic day (except perhaps for Ian, oh and Ross) but I’m sure he will reveal all in the video.

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          Yeah I did notice a white ute driving all around the paddock in your video.

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          Nah, that was just Ross & Chris checking out the pond for Seaplane use

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        Well Uncle G that rules you out for your fourteen day quarantine…

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        Nice stuff Hoppy

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      looks like a great day was had by all and as usual  a bonza video from Mike

      Sorry I missed Out on all the fun maybe next time

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      Mr Moose you will have to let me know what day you are not committed & I will try and bribe the weather gods to give us a good flying day. Today was perfect.

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        Dearest Moosey you just let me know what days you can’t make flying and I’ll call flying that day…did I say that..well yes, ūüėé

        I’m not the bad angel for nutin, just protecting my leader

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      Hey pred¬† I saw BAs flying ball in the video about a minute in just cruising around quite happy to get away from the crawler in case you out there didn’t know BA now known as crawler after his exhibition of the Technique at the field today¬† ¬†showing our most gracious leader his balls sorry ball when it slipped from his hands and flew away yes it was a flying ball¬† The wanna be was trying to show el presidente¬† his skill at controlling it¬† but alas he is now known as ballless bad angel¬† ¬† I still have mine and play with it every chance I get ………. and the president knows about it¬† for I email him when i’m playing with it

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        Well what can I say…nutin as usual, sticks and stones etc etc

        I’ll just keep on keeping on prodicking..ooooopppps.. protecting my dearest leader

        Ps I liked my little flashing flying ball quite sad really, still a little tear in the left eye,

        And the balless Bad Angel is now speaking with a squeaky voice a bit like the little frog, maybe the frog is also lost his ball hense his squeaky voice, mmm something to ponder over.

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      I still have my balls and in pristine condition, only handled by little old ladies wearing Kid gloves.

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      The little Drifter has still got it when it comes to creating incredible FPV video.

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      My take on our day:


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      AWWWWWH¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The crawler has done it again excellent video talented in most things including¬† ball playing and the delicate art of deception¬† ie no more pictures of our beloved leader holding his prized artifact¬† FAIL .¬† ISN’T¬† IT GREAT TO SEE our flying revisited¬† one forgets¬† or misses the grace of the flying and to see it close up with the fine video work from the crawler video studios¬† is¬† just fantastic THE LONG lost CHRIS¬† returned from whoop whoop to a new flying field and¬† a few new members¬† the boy hasn’t lost his skill flipping rolling back flips and that was before he flew¬† an then he did it in the air¬† just like ol times¬† ¬†No mishaps with the ace Stephen she somersaulted and rolled on command¬† beautiful¬† (opps ) I meant his plane not his wife )…Predator with panorama¬† shots¬† ¬†all so cool¬† We did miss our top gun wizzz kid young UNCLE G¬† that would have been icing on the cake along with our¬† ¬†masseur Mr Ricky and ofcouse¬† the sky god¬† Mr nice fella Moose OHHH an the newbie who’s name I have forgotten sorry newbie¬† ( techno kid )¬† A brilliant day

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        Well another great summary of bull sh#t of our day from the La Froggo but I have to admit very very quietly¬† in fact¬† a whisper that it was a about right but don’t tell him I said that cause I’ll deny it profusely…. And I think Ill adopt the name he has given my production studios ‘ Crawler Video Productions’ mmm has a familiar ring to it.. ps Froggy techno guys name you are trying for is ‘Robbo Head Ron’ total shame on you for forgetting a FLG members name.. Penalty: 82 HAIL THE LEADER bow and scrapes… BA has spoken on and for behalf of our dear befuzzled now wingless leader for and after life as we know it… ‚úąūüõ©ūüõęūüõ¨

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      The Moose has spoken

      Very sad to see our presidents plane in such a mess BUT if he can’t fly its time to out him and elect a new leader I The Moose suggest our new leader should be non other the MR KERMIT LA FOG A fine specimen indeed

      Once More Mr moose has spoken and may the force be with you Kermit

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        Moose ! Wash your mouth out with costic soda you naughty boy.

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      ya know Mr moose has a point¬† ifin the president cant fly¬† then as his most loyal follower and the next in line¬† I should hold the reins until better times¬† ¬†seems right¬† ¬†(our leader will respond to this invitation to step aside for a short time I’m sure ) because he’s the righteous¬† one ” the light we follow ” NO NEED FOR THE CRAWLER TO RESPOND

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      I have the right of reply under the FLG constitution 2018 watch this space…

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      Better late than never

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      Here’s my right of reply…. Shes back from now we know from China from a very important secret mission to wipe out the corona virus aka Covid-19 as requested by Chinese President Ping Pong to our trusted worldly leader… Just great news eh ! So non believer Kermit put that in ya pipe and smoke it… I think to make penance a medal is required for it’s crew bravery on such an important mission for the world, what a gong for the FLG gang on and behalf for our dear leader KJ Ian for life and after life as we know it who knew totally about this top secret mission of world importance was so secret it couldn’t be shared with you non believers only with me (BA) his holy trusted crawler friend and loving underling ….

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      By the way while I’m at it… look what we spotted in the skies also on it’s return but from the middle East after a very suspenseful bombing mission to rid the world of ISIS also only shared with our dear leader and his trusty underling, I will say no more regarding this matter:



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      And again just in case for you non delivers she’s back….

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        I love my underling job…sigh….

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      MR BA  ( crawler )  if i receive confirmation on your wildly outrageous story  from  the possible temporary leader  I shall  make such a medal .  As you have your balls back  obliviously there is no death certificate for that   RESPECTFULLY  KERMIT LA FROG  PS typo error  :balls

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      well done pred thanks heaps……. kermit was ok just bruised a bit an keen to get back up there

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      Hey BA, I think this videographer must be a relative of yours, he has the same morbid fascination with RC plane crashes & pilots answering the call of nature. The group do however put us to shame with their antics.

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        That is very funny thought that was Kermit in the green mankini the cameraman definitely gotta be related to me ūüėé

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