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Been flying the MDM-1 Fox glider for a while now on and off and with the installed Hobby Eagle A3 V2 Stabiliser it flies beautifully, and thermals great.

Due to its good thermalling ability I thought it prudent to install a RTH (Return to Home) feature and to that end today I installed a ZOHD Kopilot stabiliser/RTH. I’ve had one on order for quite a while & at present it’s somewhere between China & Australia and with all the lock downs due to the current Covid-19 virus when it will get here is anyone’s guess.

Luckily Gerald had one in stock to do a bit of testing on so he has loaned me his till mine arrives.

The ZOHD Kopilot was very simple to set up (hopefully I’ve got it right) and seems to be doing all that it should. Virtually the same as Kermit’s Sparrow AP.

The only real hassle I had was getting the Motive-RC R8SB receiver into Mode 4 (SBUS Mode).

The supplied instructions are wrong but after heaps of searching on the net I found one note from someone that had sorted it out. Works fine now.

The trick when changing receiver modes on the R8SB is DON’T short press to lock in (as instructions say), just select the mode you want, leave the lights flashing then bind it to the Transmitter, that then locks the mode.

Hopefully test flying soon.