RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down Reply To: “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down


Dear temporary president Kermit,

I don’t have any cyclops goggles to compare them with!

Question 1. I don’t know if they are lighter. but they weigh 400g without the battery (not supplied)

Question 2. They have a very clear and bright picture with good reception from the inbuilt dual receivers.

Question 3. Cost me $168 including postage from ebay – Banggood have them on special now for $132 but not in stock?

Question 4. I ordered them on Tuesday 24th March and they were delivered on Thursday 26th March.

Question 5. ????? I believe BA & Mike ordered some from Banggood weeks ago and still had not been posted as of last Thursday.