RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down

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      What to do?
      My new “Robo” goggles turned up last week, so I had to test them somehow.
      But with the new tough measures the government has put in place, flying at the field is out.
      Oh well next best thing is to get out the brushless whoop and fly around the house. (and annoy the dog)
      Luckily I bought some replacement batteries only a couple of week’s ago.
      This is a quick video recorded on my Fatshark goggle’s DVR (so not good quality)

      My impressions on the Little Pilot VR headset are,

      Good bright & clear picture
      Can flip up the mirror and see your surrounds
      Can be used with glasses

      Distorted picture, narrow at top, wide at bottom
      No 4.3 option so FPV is stretched out to 16.9
      Poor cable management, tiny power connector
      No battery mounting option
      You have to remove the screen from the headset to change settings

      Overall happy with them, they will be ideal for the FPV camera boat

      The brushless whoop is the URUAV UR65

      And special thanks to our temporary commander in chief Kermit for the online Topgun Flight School Quad lessons.
      after 6 months of this I should get better at flying it!

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      That,s pretty cool,A few more lessons from Kermit and you will probably go alright

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      Gentlemen  and the little fella  whats his name ……..wicky  thats it   where the hell you been boy   no word  just gone  now at last an email sighting  not good boy  stay in touch or as the new president I will have to make some rule to control waywood   fly boys like your self  as for Ricky comments     No……… You my patawa  do not need any more guidance   if we were at the field there would be a ceremony to anoint you a full  top gun gedi   with oak leaves  such is the force in you    I enjoyed the flying bit sooo cool  nippy little thing ay   questions :  are  the googles   light lighter than  the cyclops   2   are they better that the ones we use ” cyclops ” if so by how much ya recon  3  cost  4 when did you order them  and how long for them to arrive  5   bangood  and other shops in china do you know if their still working (export )   thats it    stay in touch  stay safe  that’s the catch word from now on    PRESIDENT  flying field gang

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        Dear temporary president Kermit,

        I don’t have any cyclops goggles to compare them with!

        Question 1. I don’t know if they are lighter. but they weigh 400g without the battery (not supplied)

        Question 2. They have a very clear and bright picture with good reception from the inbuilt dual receivers.

        Question 3. Cost me $168 including postage from ebay – Banggood have them on special now for $132 but not in stock?

        Question 4. I ordered them on Tuesday 24th March and they were delivered on Thursday 26th March.

        Question 5. ????? I believe BA & Mike ordered some from Banggood weeks ago and still had not been posted as of last Thursday.


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        Kermit & others, both Ross & I cancelled out Banggood orders for the goggles as I spoke to them online & they had no idea when they would be back in stock & then wanted another 4 weeks to ship them.

        I ordered my replacements from AliExpress and they were posted within 48 hours with a guaranteed max delivery of 20 days or a full refund.  Ross ordered his from a company in Singapore (they were a bit cheaper than AilExp) & I believe his are on the way as well.

        As for the rest of your queries, they can be answered when the new ones arrive. Certainly from the limited testing I did with RonC’s goggles, the new design is much easier to use when wearing glasses & allows for peripheral vision as well. They don’t however have any record facility without an addon VCR whereas the newer Quanum Diversity goggles that Ross & I both have (for sale) do have a fairly decent video recorder built in.

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      Dear Kermit,as posted earlier i have been laid low with frog in throat.He he.I ordered stuff from banggood weeks ago,doubt wether I,ll see that

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        I got a couple of parcels from Banggood yesterday, just need to check that’s its actually in stock or not.

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      THANK YOU ALL FOR RESPONDING TO YOUR NEW LEADERS REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ….. UNCLE G  you started your email reply with the words   “temporary leader ” that may be true    but you have to prepare yourself for the inevitable  possibility of  leadership change  and it might be wise not to upset the new leader  with provocative words like  “temporarily” tossed around… there will be a new title offer for the  Mr movie magic……..  ONCE we return to flying….. it could be you ……or not     just sayin ….   PRESIDENT  KERMIT LA FROG

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      Great video Uncle G getting clever little boy’

      On a more serious note leave the poor dog alone

      Cheers Moose

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        Thanks Moose, hope you are well.

        Don’t worry about the dog, she loves chasing it!

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      Hi Uncle G

      Can you tell me what flight sim you used with the Hobbyking dongle and where did you get it

      cheers Moose

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        The one I bought is “Real Flight 9” from ebay. the dongle is for FrSky transmitters.

        You can buy Real Flight in two versions, with or without a controller.

        I just bought the software and use the dongle, but this took a bit of setting up to work.

        If you get the controller version you just plug it in and play.

        With the way the Australian Dollar is the price has gone up a lot since I got mine.

        Might pay to talk with Mike about the one he uses.

        Or another option is to enrol in Kermits ONLINE Top Gun Flight School!



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      how dare you  suggest I go to ?????? flight school It would be a backward step I would loose what little skill I have

      Hope the Frog does not see this

      Thanks for the info  I have talked and tried Mikes but windows 10 does not like it

      Down loaded a demo of real flight can’t get it to work are you running windows 10

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        Yep, using windows 10 with no problems

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        Moose, the latest Phoenix Flight Simulator should work fine with Windows 10, if it wont work on your laptop try winding the display resolution back as your graphics card may not be up to the task.

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      SOOOOOOO  My number one has little or no faith in my famous  Top Gun on line  flight school     that for the past year has produced some of the finest Filipino and Chinese  RC pilots  the world has ever seen    I thank the jedi pilot from droughy point and also the our first class pilot  young Ricky who under my leadership has risen from the ranks to now top of the board in the flight line tuckar shed….. have demonstrated to you  Mr Mooose  that if you were in attendance at the flight line flying field during the past year  your knowledge  of the school would be to the level of the rest of the outstanding membership I now am proud to lead so I accept that in this instance your lack of knowledge is understandable and that there will be no repercussions   PRESIDENT   KERMIT LA FROG

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      Just had a backyard flight with the mavic mini.


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        Nice video Chris but perhaps you need to slow down the pan (or increase the frame rate) so as not to blur the pic.

        Not a lot of traffic about.

        I’ve been going to put the Mavic Pro up for a flight around here but every time I think about it, its either windy or raining.

        Anyway I downloaded the ASW 28 files for the Phoenix Flight simulator So I guess I’ll just have to go and fly that.

        Also got

        Avios Grand Tundra

        Avios Bush Mule (a good one for Bad Angel to get some practice in on)

        Ranger 2K (for Moose)


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      Predator Sir  you do relies that the Mooose couldn’t load a shovel   let alone a simulator file  hes gunna need help with this so when he asks tell him to first press the button on the computer to start it  then you may have to wait a tad for a telephone call from him to ask whats next     I went shopping with the dragon today an I’m in the centre for about 5 minutes an I knew something was wrong with me an then it dawned … I hadn’t perved on any chicky babe since I got there an Then their was this goddess walking towards me  with perfect huge boobies wobbling no vibrating in her boobie holders   ( if there is reincarnation after life  I’m come’n back as a boobie Holder   )  blond perfect body awwwww  soooo nice   an then there were more so I had to start to grade them    shopping isn’t easy  but someone has to do it     maybe I could do a shopping video  NARH editing would take forever   enjoy your day ……..I did

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