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Kermit & others, both Ross & I cancelled out Banggood orders for the goggles as I spoke to them online & they had no idea when they would be back in stock & then wanted another 4 weeks to ship them.

I ordered my replacements from AliExpress and they were posted within 48 hours with a guaranteed max delivery of 20 days or a full refund.  Ross ordered his from a company in Singapore (they were a bit cheaper than AilExp) & I believe his are on the way as well.

As for the rest of your queries, they can be answered when the new ones arrive. Certainly from the limited testing I did with RonC’s goggles, the new design is much easier to use when wearing glasses & allows for peripheral vision as well. They don’t however have any record facility without an addon VCR whereas the newer Quanum Diversity goggles that Ross & I both have (for sale) do have a fairly decent video recorder built in.