RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down Reply To: “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down


Predator Sir  you do relies that the Mooose couldn’t load a shovel   let alone a simulator file  hes gunna need help with this so when he asks tell him to first press the button on the computer to start it  then you may have to wait a tad for a telephone call from him to ask whats next     I went shopping with the dragon today an I’m in the centre for about 5 minutes an I knew something was wrong with me an then it dawned … I hadn’t perved on any chicky babe since I got there an Then their was this goddess walking towards me  with perfect huge boobies wobbling no vibrating in her boobie holders   ( if there is reincarnation after life  I’m come’n back as a boobie Holder   )  blond perfect body awwwww  soooo nice   an then there were more so I had to start to grade them    shopping isn’t easy  but someone has to do it     maybe I could do a shopping video  NARH editing would take forever   enjoy your day ……..I did