RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying Elsewhere Life goes on – Flying during Lockdown 3rd April 2020 Reply To: Life goes on – Flying during Lockdown 3rd April 2020


AS PRESIDENT OF THE FLIGHT LINE GANG  I DO NOT ACCEPT bad angels assertion that the moose is silly I will accept his acknowledgement  that he “bad angel” is a cooked goose  As a trained CFI  and head of the famous top gun flight school and now president of the flight line gang  I instantly saw several flaws in  predators flying that convinced me that it wasn’t a real flight I could name them but the goose probably wouldn’t understand the technical aspect of my observation  so to save his embarrassment over such obvious  faults  I will not impart the knowledge  however I did talk to my 2IC Mr Moose about the film in question an he without prompting relayed his observations  which concurred with mine perfectly……..such is an older set of eyes compared to a younger set   Whats for tea tonight  ………how about cooked goose