RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying Elsewhere Life goes on – Flying during Lockdown 3rd April 2020

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      When things get tough then one must get inventive!!

      The Title says it all !!

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      The challenge is out there so get inventive.

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      Where is this couldn’t identify this location nice view but you shouldn’t be out and about so they tell us.

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        Ian had the same problem trying to workout why I wasn’t sharing this great flying location so I guess I better let the cat out of the bag.

        Its called Phoenix Bay and all the flying was done sitting @ my desk in total isolation.

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      Wow I havent tried Phoenix for many years, its improved a lot.

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        Its a free download here (as abandoned software) these days Hoppy including all the updates etc.


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      Have just installed Phoenix can’t wait for the dongle to arrive looks so cool and I should be flying along with you just like old times

      Great video Mike

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      Well I’m a goose anyway always thought I was now you’ve confirmed .doh

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      Geez Moose I’m as silly as you but would never never never say that about our president and commander in chief ..ps  but would  say you’re as silly as the pretend acting president …?😎

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      AS PRESIDENT OF THE FLIGHT LINE GANG  I DO NOT ACCEPT bad angels assertion that the moose is silly I will accept his acknowledgement  that he “bad angel” is a cooked goose  As a trained CFI  and head of the famous top gun flight school and now president of the flight line gang  I instantly saw several flaws in  predators flying that convinced me that it wasn’t a real flight I could name them but the goose probably wouldn’t understand the technical aspect of my observation  so to save his embarrassment over such obvious  faults  I will not impart the knowledge  however I did talk to my 2IC Mr Moose about the film in question an he without prompting relayed his observations  which concurred with mine perfectly……..such is an older set of eyes compared to a younger set   Whats for tea tonight  ………how about cooked goose

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      OMG, has the frog lost his marbles or did he not have any in the first place?

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      RE :OMG  why Mr hoppy do you consider I the president have lost my marbles  if you post an assertion that your beloved president is loosing it  you must explain  the reason why this is so    As a  famous woman politician once said   ” please explain ”  REGARDS YOUR LOVING PRESIDENT

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      A quick flight with the ASW-28 “Gooney Bird”

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      Here are some photos of our field all ploughed up we may have to move to South arm road field later on





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        I’m sure a bit of wind & rain and a few hundred sheep will soon flatten it out. Probably a damn side quicker than we will get back to it.

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      When the grass grows  I have a solution for that   I propose we get a star picket a long rope an a furry moose  tie the buggar from the picket an let him eat the grass down    PROBLEM SOLVED


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      Another quick flight with the ASW28 around a typical Aussie Sports field. It feels a lot like Lauderdale Oval especially when trying to land .

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      Can’t wait to get mine going its looking Good Mike

      One good thing about this setup you don’t have to walk to get your plane after a prang

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      Here’s one of my flights for today!

      65″ screen, surround sound, snags burning on the grill in the kitchen, all I need now is some frogs parachuting from the ceiling!

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      Ah, I can almost smell the snags burning, or perhaps it was the dog!!.

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      well uncle G I suppose we will see some of those tricks when we return to the field

      Can’t wait

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        Yes Moose, nothing to it! just need a few more lessons from the ONLINE “Top gun Flight School” and I should be right.

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      I have Limbo Dancer plans Gerald

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        Thank’s Ricky, but I don’t know where I would find the time to build one.

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      Hi Ricky hows it going hope you are coping with this isolation stuff ok

      Time to repair plane Boats and things don’t know what things are but I am repairing them

      Cheers Mr Moose

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      Got a quick flight in this morning with the E_Flite Apprentice (fitted with AS3X SAFE technology but turned off before flight) before settling down to more mundane household chores.

      By the way Gerald, I got an email from PhaserFPV this morning, they have the external charge sockets & mounting plate back in stock if you need one (they still had 30 when I ordered mine but they were going fast.

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        Thanks Mike,

        Charger board is ordered! (now showing 31 in stock)

        P.S. Didn’t see any inverted flight in the latest video?

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      You are quite correct Gerald, the Apprentice does not do inverted flight well and tends to fly into the ground even with full down elevator & max power, the Pitts Special in this next clip however is a whole other story !!

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      Great flying Mike

      Question Will you put your  virtual skills into real life when we go back to the field

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        Probably not Moose. More than likely I’ll just go back to sane & simple FPV gliding & site seeing.

        There is no RESET button on our real models & the number I have written off in the simulator would send our whole Flight Line broke if I flew them like that.

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      Phoenix has or at least used to have a slope soaring option. You could do a hand launch and slope fly. Slope soaring is a cheap way to become a good pilot and I flew my cheap Reject Shop Albatross regularly. If anyone can learn this skill over the lockdown I can show the nice slope sites around hobart when we can socialise again.

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        Yes Hoppy, Phoenix still has Slope Soaring options along with thermal gliding etc.

        So far I’ve only tried out the ASW28 (with motor off) but its a bit heavy. There are a couple of Slope Soaring gliders so I may have a go with one of those when time permits.

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