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With everyone under “The Great LockDown” I’d have thought there would have been a bit more activity on here but I guess everyone is busy building new projects (and just not telling anyone about them)!!

As it’s a high probability that the current restrictions will slowly start to be rolled back in around another 4 weeks it may not (hopefully) be too long before we are back taking to the skies once again.

Equipment orders ex China are once again slowly starting to filter through & the FrSKY Hi Precision Variometer that has been on order for quite a while finally arrived a couple of days ago.

It took a little while to suss out how to connect it to the Motive-RC R8SB receiver as this Rx comes with an SBus connection but not a Smart Port. After a bit of research it appeared as if connecting it to the Digital Data-Stream port should be the way to go.  It worked first go so that was a win.


Also took a little while to program the Jumper T16 Tx to read & display the data and also to sound out (switchable) either variable beeps (rising or falling height) or a voice readout of the altitude.

Needed to create some new voice files for the Vario switch functions but my usual on line text to voice converter “Nicole” soon sorted them out as MP3 files & Audacity quickly converted them to 256kps wave files which is what the OpenTX os requires.

Jumper telemetry screens


What it all means

Alt+ = Maximum Altitude reached

Alt = Current Altitude

VSpd+ = Maximum Climb/Sink speed

VSpd = Current Climb/Sink speed

Battery = Powered Flight time (count down to 0)

Flight = Total Flight time

Other Top Line telemetry readings

A2 = Flight Battery voltage (also triggers Low Battery Alarm)

Batt = Tx internal battery voltage

Alt = Current Altitude

RSSI = Rx Signal Strength

Now all we need is reduced restrictions so groups of 10 or less are again permissible (with appropriate social distancing) & we can get back to our favourite pass time @ our favourite flying field.