GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


GOOD stuff there  tugboat  doesn’t matter how things go as long as your doing something  .  Every one in the flying group is playing with something or other UNCLE G is flying his drone inside attacking his dog PRED is flying a sim as is Mr moose and chris has been at it to I’m playing with Kermit on the phantom drone  my very first video on our site (just now)  its a roughin but so what ay  I have been sailing the 65 and the 95 on our dam  so much fun but with no one to beat its a bit boring after an hour  but if i toddle down to the house the dragon wants me to do  stuff an i’m far to busy to do that so I stay at the dam with me dog an do men’s stuff   thanks for checkin in   me ol cobber  an I shall use the catch phase HOO ROO stay safe



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