GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA 2020 Reply To: Tugboat from WA 2020


Pred the choice of sealer was purely on what was open on the bench at the time. It is one of a number of tins I picked up when Masters closed, to be put in the you never know might need it pile. The cost was nothing compared to what I could walk into Bunnings and get at the time. If it went off no real loss. I used it 6 months ago for a job and it was still sitting on the bench (not really a surprise there) so opened it up and it was good to go. As you know not many of my craft will suffer from UV damage, They have to see the light for that to happen, it has sealed the wood and we will see what happens in the future.

Unfortunately all my reports will be mainly be a look back in history as I have only bought two craft in the last few years that I can remember, the rest go back to up to 11 years ago, oh well it will keep me amused. While the cost of replacement has gone up to different degrees (most of mine aren’t in production anymore) they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay, from what I have seen not much but I don’t intend to sell anything.

Look forward to more Mt Gay build updates.

Kermit, I did post a video of the Princess getting drowned, will take some more photos when I strip it down and rebuild. One of the things I have to check out is the cooling water flow which did not seem to be working very well but when I used a syringe to inject water into the outlet the water was flowing sort of. Might try drilling out the rudder pickup.

Just one kiss would do that????

While rearranging the mess on the bench came across a box of ESC’s, now just have to remember what I bought them for or was it one of those might need sometimes buy which my finger is prone to do.