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It’s been some little while since any work was done on the “Badger”, in fact just checking back on the last post & it was October 20 when I undercoated the hull.

Today, almost 7 months later, the antique white top coat finally got applied to the hull & cabin top. I chose Antique White as I think it better matches with the age of the vessel & the stained timber work than what Brilliant White (as used on the 10R “BattleAxe” and the IOM “Wedgie”) would. I just took the cabin top to the Spektrum Paints & they did a top class job matching the colour.



I’ll give them a couple of days (or is that perhaps weeks/months) to harden & then after a quick tidy up around the deck trim, cut and polish and add the underwater black area (to match the original design)

While waiting all the stanchions will need to be sanded & sprayed ready for refitting as soon as the hull is completed.