RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 First Mini Fly-In after easing of Quarantine restrictions. Reply To: First Mini Fly-In after easing of Quarantine restrictions.


THANK YOU PREDATOR  for the organizing of our first fly in  as your PRESIDENT  I possibly may return the mantle of power back to whats his name  in the distant future   I guess maybe until then may I say what an outstanding days flying was performed to day by so few for so many  ( Winston Churchill )  truly magnificent aero display by our own widdle WICKY   UNCLE G was again superb   in his flying displays during the day with multi types of putt putts as did  the x leader of the flight line gang with some stimulating aerial DISTANCE  flying  HOPPY arrived some time after us but still made up for it with aw buggar I forgot what he flew but I bet it was brilliant as this is the only way he fly’s   PREDATOR  today was the man of the day with skills learnt from an arcade game when he was a nipper flew his glider through imaginary box’s in the sky some times inverted  an to finish the display flew under the power lines on the paddock  blind folded unbelievable if you weren’t there to see it you would say impossible  but I swear its true an you know I don’t tell fibs  So there you have it…..time can not  dull our skills for once you pass through the TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  you are indeed the best of the best  GREAT DAY…….   PRESIDENT FLIGHT LINE GANG  KERMIT LA FROG