RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20 Reply To: Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20

Ian MilneIan Milne

Thanks Ross for the video. That is pretty impressive flying from Chris. Thanks too, to Mike for the glider flying.

I have a small matter to raise which is causing concern, namely the flagrant pig abuse which occurred yesterday. Miss Piggy was permitted to descend to earth on several occasions, at a velocity, which if not causing physical injury, certainly resulted in a serious loss of dignity. All this can only be attributed to one person, my trusted deputy President who had great power given to him and has sadly abused it. I shall therefore be stripping him of this power and resuming the styles and titles of my office for life; after that we shall have to see. Salutations, Ian, Rex Imperator.

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