RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20

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      Weather conditions today were much the same as on Monday so that was two perfect days in one week.

      There were 8 pilots today flying all sorts of things, some of which were captured on video & some not so we will just have to see what comes out of the various editing rooms & what ends up on the edit room floor.

      Ross “Bad Angel” was live streaming most of the day on Facebook for his Bro in NZ so for a different perspective you can always check that feed out.

      At least two of the live sessions were saved for later viewing.

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      As EL PRESIDENT E of the flight line gang I agree with predators observations IT was a perfect day. For those that failed to launch TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  is there for you and we know who you are and for the individuals who launched and returned to earth not in pristine condition WE ARE there for you to  At the end of the day an impromptu meeting was conducted and I as EL PRESIDENTE  suggested that at the next fly in we have a confab before flying to sort out sensible flying not rules “as were not a club ” but things to do to make us all safe  whilst enjoying our sport As the president its my responsibility to  lead and guide the younger members into safe flying practices I LOOK FORWARD TO members  coming forward with their own thoughts on my suggestion on rules   YOUR LOVING  PRESIDENT  KERMIT LA FROG

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      Was a great flying day with 8 out of 10 there. Here is some footage from my mini mobius on my Skipper and Drifter:



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        Nice bit of video there Chris, especially from the Drifter up over the hill.

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      A little bit of my stuff:

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        Nice one, certainly another great day of flying, even with the few minor mishaps.

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      All very good video girls, and acting used to be President not elect esq, I totally agree with your comments regarding safety of flyers a light of Mitch’s close call with vehicles and we need to have a discussion next flying day regarding not flying overhead or in the vicinity of us putting a safety bubble around us all, good call Kermit, geez thought I would never say that maybe in the real distance future you may make it to sixth in line for great heights after all.

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      Thanks Ross for the video. That is pretty impressive flying from Chris. Thanks too, to Mike for the glider flying.

      I have a small matter to raise which is causing concern, namely the flagrant pig abuse which occurred yesterday. Miss Piggy was permitted to descend to earth on several occasions, at a velocity, which if not causing physical injury, certainly resulted in a serious loss of dignity. All this can only be attributed to one person, my trusted deputy President who had great power given to him and has sadly abused it. I shall therefore be stripping him of this power and resuming the styles and titles of my office for life; after that we shall have to see. Salutations, Ian, Rex Imperator.

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        WELL WELL WELL The former president has a problem with animal cruelty  before I address this minor problem he has,  did I read any complimentary remarks on how the flying was conducted under my leadership nooooo  instead the wana be x leader throws up a animal cruelty bogus claim to justifies has blatant attempt to regain his  former glory  as president of the flight line gang  in my defense of this outrageous accusation  my I say quite humbly that the flight line has never had a more productive harmonious time under my leadership due solely to honest consultations  with members who may have had flying issues but resolved through the top gun flight school  to which I own/run  but is freely available to members  (over the age of 90 with a note from their mum ) the x president qualifies for this in the age category but looses out with no note  but I digress  Animal cruelty  MISS PIGGY signed a waver  (as all flight school operators operate under )  I QUOTE   That any problem  rising from parachute drops resulting in  damage to said person is of no business of anyone an they should go away UNQUOTE  So there you have it…. NO CONTEST .   That was pretty impressive flying from Chris. Thanks to Mike for the glider flying.video and ofcouse to BA who also bid a fair job of video work not great but still trying   in conclusion the presidency will stay with the new leader ME      PRESIDENT….. KERMIT LA FROG

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        My dearest Mr President for life I thank you for your kind words, I sam saddened to say the biggest mistake you have ever made was to bestow a little of your powers to the green thing which I must tell you in confidence has been reported to  the miss piggy fan club for sheer and utter cruelty to piggies making the said miss piggy drop from faulty packed parachutes on several occasions damaging miss piggy’s reputation which is totally unacceptable  and I’m sure miss piggy will have something to say about this on this forum very soon when she has recovered from her injuries just so unacceptable from someone who has purported to be a potential leader, It was interesting to watch how just tiny bit of power goes to ones head which should raise a red flag next time we go to lockdown. BA has spoken. 😎

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      Great video folks looks like a great day was had by all including that venomous little Toad

      I will be there sooner than later watch out TOAD features

      Hey Ross watched your live stream it was good pic etc for a phone stream

      Cheers guys

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      Aha!     So it’s to be treason!  I did not believe that anyone could resort to such extreme measures as a power grab, but it appears to be happening….we live in sad and treacherous times.

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        MR X PRESIDENT and cohort BA   I do not intend to lower this honorable title or position I rightly hold  or scoop so low as to degrade this prized position  I am aware of displeasure in the swine fraternity  and have resolved that issue  with them as for MISS PIGGY’s response I beleave kermit  and his consort are in agreement not to respond in this format  as there is no case.. As for Treason if one holds power why would one  forfeit the power to another  WHERE IS TREASON in this case .we live in sad and treacherous times. as this pitiful attempt of power grab indicates   in conclusion please……. take a chill tablet an relax your not gettin the throne back  so suck it up

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      My video from the Mavic

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      A Pissed Off Miss Piggy ‘Not happy Jan’

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        AWWW    UNCLE G what a fabulous video my royal robes were swaying to that absolutely brilliant hipbop music as was my presidential toes  you truly are a perfectionist  Pretenders  will now have to rise to the summit just bathe in your glory  WELL DONE      EL PRESIDENTE     KERMIT LA FROG

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          I do not wish to lower the high stander’d  I have implemented in my position as president  but when mis information and darn right skulduggery takes place a positive response is necessary as in this case of mis representation of a fine swine.  The video claiming to be MISS PIGGY is a charlatan she is in fact a stunt double swine who did not in fact parachute on the day in question   as MISS PIGGY requested she do the jumps  as a true trooper she is , in the despicable video you see the false miss piggy quoting rubbish and dribble   whilst miss piggy is recuperating at toad hall  ONE must ask how low is low  anything it seems is fair go to steal back the presidency from the rightful leader  in the video you see a clean undamaged miss piggy who should be bruised and bandaged  you be the judge


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          Well what can I say here who’s the pretender eh! I could clearly see that you have in fact Photoshop’d a very poorly stuffed and poorly stitched version of the real miss piggy you claim to have the real one well, lets hear her talk and prove you have the real one, as the agent of the REAL missy piggy wiggy twiggy I’m sure the real miss piggy will have a right of reply, I say watch this space numb nuts… 😎🐽🐷🐖

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      Right of Reply from the real deal:

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      A very important statement:

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      As high protector of the flight line gang it seems that the wanna be’s will go to outrageous conniving  devious tricks o get their outcome  This must stop for the good of the flight line gang I have there fore decided in the best interest of our magnificent team to resign my position of PRESIDENT  and bring an end to this disgraceful affair  I trust with my resignation harmony will return  so I request that all members give to our new leader (probably bad angel ) a fair hearing with no paybacks      KERMIT LA FROG  ret


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      Yay he’s gone, and yeah nuh I’m not wanting crappy leadership I’m just glad our dear leader for and after life komrad Ian is returned to his high status of unquestionable leadership…all hail our club president…nice

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      That is the kind of loyalty we need around here!      It  is noticeable that a type of battle for status; possibly porcine wars, has been developing, with very vocal but incomprehensible participants….even the pretender to this high office was infected by what must be a type of “swine flu”‘rendering his magnificent appearance to be as nothing without a voice…truly a hollow man. Perhaps now, having shrugged off this irritation, we can move on to those “sunlit uplands” so frequently referred to by lesser leaders than ourselves, and can mix our metaphors in calm waters for the future. Signed in the blood  of porcine pretenders of a greenish tinge, Ian RI.   Eternal Ruler.

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        We must all obey these wise words… We must all love and worship our dearest president for his wisdom we are such a lucky club to have such talent at the helm, sorry, yoke steering us all in the right direction onwards and upwards even if he has skinny legs and loud socks 😎

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      Sleep, little ones, sleepp!  Nighty night…..(they’re not all that skinny are they?)

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          Our master said nite nite now go to sleep shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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      Pigs awake!       They’re not!         Not!

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