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Ian, yes there are often numerous replies with the same heading BECAUSE they are individual replies to the same Forum post. If you open them to read you will see who posted them. Also simply checking the date associated with the Reply will show if they are new from the last time you were on line.

As I explained a short while ago (evidently not very well) there are TWO columns under the Forum Topic

1) The left hand column labelled “Recent Posts” is a chronological listing of the last few actual posts regardless of topic. These can be replied to.

2) the right hand column labelled “Recent Replies” are recent replies in chronological order and they may be to recent posts or historical posts that someone has updated/added information to etc.  These CANNOT be replied to directly, they are just a read only indicator of Forum activity.

The easiest way to reply when you are reading the “Recent Replies” is to click the last entry in RED before the Reply To: in the logical address that is shown near the top of each web page as per example below. This will take you to the actual post that the reply is part of, whether recent or historic. Then you can scroll down and use the Reply option on any of the items (these are indented directly under the item you are replying to (usually) or scroll past the last reply and create a reply at the bottom of the post.


Hope this resolves this issue of how to reply to Forum Posts, especially ones not visible in “Recent Posts”

Also, if you look at the Forums List at the top of the page when first entering “Forum” it is relatively self explanatory where you need to navigate to to find a particular Forum Post or create a Brand New Post from scratch.