RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20 Reply To: Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20


WELL WELL WELL The former president has a problem with animal cruelty  before I address this minor problem he has,  did I read any complimentary remarks on how the flying was conducted under my leadership nooooo  instead the wana be x leader throws up a animal cruelty bogus claim to justifies has blatant attempt to regain his  former glory  as president of the flight line gang  in my defense of this outrageous accusation  my I say quite humbly that the flight line has never had a more productive harmonious time under my leadership due solely to honest consultations  with members who may have had flying issues but resolved through the top gun flight school  to which I own/run  but is freely available to members  (over the age of 90 with a note from their mum ) the x president qualifies for this in the age category but looses out with no note  but I digress  Animal cruelty  MISS PIGGY signed a waver  (as all flight school operators operate under )  I QUOTE   That any problem  rising from parachute drops resulting in  damage to said person is of no business of anyone an they should go away UNQUOTE  So there you have it…. NO CONTEST .   That was pretty impressive flying from Chris. Thanks to Mike for the glider flying.video and ofcouse to BA who also bid a fair job of video work not great but still trying   in conclusion the presidency will stay with the new leader ME      PRESIDENT….. KERMIT LA FROG