RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20 Reply To: Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20


My dearest Mr President for life I thank you for your kind words, I sam saddened to say the biggest mistake you have ever made was to bestow a little of your powers to the green thing which I must tell you in confidence has been reported to  the miss piggy fan club for sheer and utter cruelty to piggies making the said miss piggy drop from faulty packed parachutes on several occasions damaging miss piggy’s reputation which is totally unacceptable  and I’m sure miss piggy will have something to say about this on this forum very soon when she has recovered from her injuries just so unacceptable from someone who has purported to be a potential leader, It was interesting to watch how just tiny bit of power goes to ones head which should raise a red flag next time we go to lockdown. BA has spoken. 😎