RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20 Reply To: Another Fly-In @ The Field 22-05-20

Ian Milne

That is the kind of loyalty we need around here!      It  is noticeable that a type of battle for status; possibly porcine wars, has been developing, with very vocal but incomprehensible participants….even the pretender to this high office was infected by what must be a type of “swine flu”‘rendering his magnificent appearance to be as nothing without a voice…truly a hollow man. Perhaps now, having shrugged off this irritation, we can move on to those “sunlit uplands” so frequently referred to by lesser leaders than ourselves, and can mix our metaphors in calm waters for the future. Signed in the blood  of porcine pretenders of a greenish tinge, Ian RI.   Eternal Ruler.