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AS the former president    ( taken away by deception )  may I say how nice it was to renew our friendship with the newbees  who managed to find the entrance to the field and participated in the half days fun, an fun it was with flying gone to a new gigantic level  owing to the new fields wide panoramic paddocks unobstructed by plane killers ( bloody great trees ) a real pleasure  because we are all now super experienced putt putt flyers (except for the  MR MOOSE ) the wind that now inhabits this area is of no consequence  because we are gods an one bad angel  before I close may I say how brilliantly our president for life flew today an artist in the true sense of the word…. Hovering just above the ground in force 1 winds turning and weaving his widdle bixler like the ark angel himself  playing the piano  truly a wonder to behold  IF I were still the president I would say to the flight the gang today  Thank you for  allowing BAD ANGEL to fly with us today  an not sending him to the far reaches of the furthermost field for his deviant transgressions in my demise of the presidents position    there I’m done now      X president     KERMIT LA FROG