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After flying fast in the strong wind yesterday with the Bix 2 Sport and the little mishap over lunch when she was picked up and cart wheeled along the ground by a very strong wind gust, the original water transfer stickers (that I quite liked)…….

……. were unfortunately a little (well actually a lot) worse for wear so today whilst repairing the damaged wing tip & rudder (from the same incident) I decided to remove all the stickers & come up with a new, painted on colour scheme.

Repairs have been completed and all the old water transfer stickers removed. Now to just decide on a colour scheme.

My original Bix 2 Predator Sport was a Red & Black colour scheme on top & Orange underneath so need something a bit different this time.


Bad Angel (Ross) also has a similar problem with his Bix 3 with all the original stickers looking more tattered every time he flies. After a strip down & clean he is proposing an all black livery for his so I guess I can go with anything except all black!! Maybe Hot Pink all over, then again perhaps not.