RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 4th June 2020 Reply To: Fly-In @ “The Field” 4th June 2020


OUR President WAS IN ATTENDANCE TODAY  but not much came from his lips it seems that the bad angel has our leader in a verbal lock down  how that has happened I know not   I’m sure many will be asking just who is running the flight line  gang  perhaps a word from our leader may put the pretender back in the sheep paddock  and a second in command  2ic will be officially appointed  maybe someone with leadership qualities  an with a shade of green  now who could that be  we wait our leaders reply with baited breath   The pretender  had an outstanding day  with several prangs  an the FIRST to anoint a tree on the new field with a beautiful landing smack bang into the branches  classy stuff  Predator also dinged a putt putt snapping its face off  but easy fixed  I tried out my kermit hat cam unfortunately the angle wasn’t quite right but next time ………   overall the day wasn’t a total flip flop we did get a giggle at BA’s effort to find a birds nest  widdle wicky played superbly with his thing but most of us were to occupied to notice UNCLE G was up an around Hoppy also with a flamin super fast jet an a hover flying putt putt our own Seaside Mitch had a bit of a day a tad to windy for the new untested red yellow monster But  the day was BAs only because his aircraft is now painted all black  an we could see it in the tree better …..   long live our beautiful president  xxxxxxxx