As we don’t need two separate topics for the day & Kermit has far more content than I, Ill move my post to this one.

Moose’s Triumphant Return to the Canal

Well it has been a long time coming and over the months we have seen many appearances of the Moose imposter (being Kermit the Frog in disguise) but today we were treated to the triumphant return to the fold of the genuine one and only Mr Moose himself. No imposter this time, the genuine article.

Moose has been absent from both RC sailing & flying for many months due to some ongoing medical conditions but today he was back & raring to go. I reckon we will see him at flying next time out as well.

We had five hardy skippers braving the chilly morning today, Moose, Kermit, Pete, RonB & yours truly and once the sun came out it was quite a pleasant day although with only light to very light winds (more suited to flying) . We also had an impromptu visit from Uncle G on his way home from hanging out with the Marine Modellers group @ the far end of the canal.

We sailed 65’s & 95’s and of course the Sydney 36 and toughed it out till around 11:45 then finished up early for the customary BBQ lunch.

The Council have not yet seen fit to reactivate the electric BBQ’s at the site but luckily Kermit & I both had our twin burner portable gas BBQ’s at hand so no one went hungry.

Overall another fine day enjoyed with friends doing what we enjoy best, nothing.

Great to have you back Moose, hope your health luck is better for the latter 6 months of the year than it was for the former.