RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (31st July 2020 Reply To: Friday Fly-In @ The Field (31st July 2020


Ah the things we do !!.  Great videos from another fun day.

Not sure how long we will need to wait for this next bout of bad weather to pass over Tas and clear up but by the sound of it, mid to late next week may be the first chance for a fly.

After a bit of gardening today I got the other larger of (Kermit’s Bro) John’s bi-plane fitted up, programmed & running and on a 3S battery this one seem to have a lot more power than the Pitts Special did.

I guess it would want to this one is way heavier.  No doubt our next flying day will tell.

At least the Pitts flew nice & level so I guess its set up OK, just not very high & not very far !!