RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Saturday Fly-In @ the field Reply To: Saturday Fly-In @ the field


SOOOO SORRY ABOUT MY VIDEO  the camera thingi was set on art god knows why  hence over colored green and the lens going in out of focus  what a buggar up  but…… such is life  now to ol smarty bum Moose  MY hair color is from fear  you try livin with the dragon   an now a special thank you to our top best weather man  uncle G NOT ONLY A SUPERB FLYER  but now top weather man  what cant he do   LOVED hoppys gun sights and machine guns an the best grouping of aircraft in a video yet  very nicely done But over all  SECOND   place goes to ………wait for it………UNCLE G .for  flying at the field .FIRST goes to around the field PREDATOR for over all content  if you wish to dispute this selection  post your comments only to pleased to dismiss them  an finally BAD ANGEL  its not true the rumor going around that bad angel has lost the edge …the nerve ..the will to fly Im sure its no more than a broken finger nail  GOD BLESS OUR GOD KING  PRESIDENT IAN