RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Saturday Fly-In @ the field

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      The day started off slightly chilly and the wind was a tad stronger than predicted but it didn’t stop anyone from having a fly.

      Our numbers were boosted a bit today with Ron, Neil & Connor joining in but we were missing regulars Ross (Bad Angel), Ricky & Tristin.

      A couple of minor mishaps today but overall a fairly good day by all.

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      Here is the gun cam footage from my Esky Eagles


      And here is the Skipper XL


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      Hat cam footage of my Tundra.


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        Good one Ron, the Tundra’s do fly nicely.

        It’s a pity we couldn’t get some better range out of the Hat Cams.

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      Here’s my video of the day.

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        You definitely fly much less aggressively than I do, probably why your plane is still in one piece & mine isn’t.

        Ah well, nothing a bit of glue won’t fix.

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      Well men looks like another great day good to see the videos as they are put up.

      By the way Kermit I was surprised to see so much snow had fallen on you to day when no one else was covered in it  but that’s a frogs life.


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      Nice footage of the aerie of eyas eagles.

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        Given the gear you are trying to work with Kermit my man It was another top video with lots of great content. Well done.


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      SOOOO SORRY ABOUT MY VIDEO  the camera thingi was set on art god knows why  hence over colored green and the lens going in out of focus  what a buggar up  but…… such is life  now to ol smarty bum Moose  MY hair color is from fear  you try livin with the dragon   an now a special thank you to our top best weather man  uncle G NOT ONLY A SUPERB FLYER  but now top weather man  what cant he do   LOVED hoppys gun sights and machine guns an the best grouping of aircraft in a video yet  very nicely done But over all  SECOND   place goes to ………wait for it………UNCLE G .for  flying at the field .FIRST goes to around the field PREDATOR for over all content  if you wish to dispute this selection  post your comments only to pleased to dismiss them  an finally BAD ANGEL  its not true the rumor going around that bad angel has lost the edge …the nerve ..the will to fly Im sure its no more than a broken finger nail  GOD BLESS OUR GOD KING  PRESIDENT IAN

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      well I thank you because as you know I’m on a diet an that bone went to make a nice  yummy SOUP SO THANK YOU

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      My Li’l Eagle repairs are well under way after its “Down is up & Up is expensive” episode at the end of flying yesterday.

      The timber gear tray was trashed so I designed & printed a new one which seemed easier than stuffing around repairing the old one.

      Fits just like a finger in a bum.

      Now working on the bracket to hold the ESC and the A3-V2 stabiliser.

      With the new gear tray installed the central body has now been glued back together.

      The damaged aileron has also been repaired

      I’ll leave them overnight for the glue to dry properly then tomorrow repair the battery tray & front wheel mount and she will be all good to fly inverted once again.


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        Mike I moved the ESC to under the tray and removed the small tray which was above it and mounted the stabiliser there.

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          The A3 was just small enough to fit on top of the original ESC bracket but this time I’m mounting the ESC on its side under the tray with the stabiliser on top.

          All drops in from under the wing so easy to get in and out.

          This view is upside down, the esc cable ties onto the tab which drops down through the top plate into where there is plenty of cooling air flow & the stabiliser mounts on the flat top. Rx will go back where it was on the side of the fuselage under the plate.


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