RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Wednesday Fly In. 19th August 2020 Reply To: Wednesday Fly In. 19th August 2020


GENTLEMEN  and BAD ANGEL  IT is with great sorrow that I inform you all  grass hopper is lost to the great sky god .   After a 3 hour aerial and land search  No trace of that fine flying machine could be found so I fear that the great beasts of the sky  (the eagles )  has taken her home to their nest and devoured her  (Predators video should confirm  the attack )  I will be speaking to our leader about not allowing children at the field at this time until the beasts are eliminated.  A MEMORIAL SERVICE will take place at the field next fly day to pay respect to that great flying grasshopper   KERMIT LA FROG


A special thank you to UNCLE G for your effort today…… ta cobber