RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Midweek Fly-In 26th August 2020 Reply To: Midweek Fly-In 26th August 2020


I would like to remind everyone I picked the good day. Makes a change after my last time that was drizzly. Today we had the bonus of waterlogged fields so perfect for the all terain Skipper (700mm mini) and Skipper XL (864mm span). The small skipper went nice but did not have an onboard camera but here is a keychain on the Skipper XL. It flew on a 3S 2200 pack off the water but with a new 3 blade prop for more thrust. It was hard to steer on the water as i took off the bottom plastic flotation plate. I now know it needs it so will reinstall.



The Skipper XL got water in the fusalage which is where the servos are including aileron so it got a glitching servo at the end. And my XK X450 was glitching too so I put the camera to look at the offending motor tilt servo. It flew OK so here is the video:


I will post the drone footage of the retrieval attempt later as need to add music thats acceptable to Kermit and youtube.