RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (23rd October 2020) Reply To: Friday Fly-In @ The Field (23rd October 2020)


Due to the graphic nature of this video content (and the fact that one of the main participants is also Judge & Jury of the weekly video) I thought it best to not post it till this weeks video comp was all done & dusted, less there were cries of jury rigging or ” buying votes” etc etc.

The video does come at the right time to perhaps dispel some of the “Fake News” cries about our beloved frog “Mr Kermit esq.”

I think it shows that the frog can indeed fly (still needs more practice on landing and even more on checking battery charge levels) and fly quite well given the nature of low winged planes as opposed to high wing trainers.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, here is the video for all to marvel at!!


A bit more footage I found from Friday