RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Hump Day Fly 24th February 2021 Reply To: Field Hump Day Fly 24th February 2021


GDAY PORNSTAR      GOD I HOPE YOUR A WOMAN  we have at our field a top notch flying school called  “top gun FS ”  the CFI  is a fantastic bloke  watches porn most of the time narh all the time   and would be over the moon to teach you the finer art of RC  flying IFIN YOUR A WOMAN  if your not then someone down here will teach you  I recon   there are several conditions though  you have to have .A sense of humour    (most important   ) be able to cry openly when you crash /  do the walk of shame (after crashing  ) we at top gun flight school specialise in that /  be prepared to be filmed / if you are female you must call the CFI  “sweetie ” all the time ….if your  male  you can call UNCLE G that    bikini is the preferred outfit  if you don’t have one UNCLE G will loan you one of his (not the green though )  THE  motley crew at the field are mostly on life support systems  except for the CFI  who is way to young for that Most of the members are products of TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  with one gaining the converted gold wings   the rest are  top of the class  except for an  animal we don’t talk about an that is THE MOOSE  he is really a nice fella ifin you don’t talk to him and don’t look at him  then there is the keywee  this is one sick puppy  hails from NU SEALUN CALLED BAD ANGEL  the name says it all so now porn star  you still wanna play