RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Hump Day Fly 24th February 2021

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      Mitch, Mike, Gerald, Kermit and myself turned up. Moose was a no show though. It was a bit windy but as no crashes we are all getting better at flying in wind. We had a BBQ but by then the wind had not eased so called it a day before 1pm. Here is brief Eagles footage:



      Here is my Yellow cub with a keychain cam that hasnt flown for a while:



      And my LePetit Yellow and blue biplane which is a nice flyer:



      And my final video of the day is my Cloud AXN:



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      Kermit was obviously missing Moose today,

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      Oh Did you miss me Kermit ?

      Well I will have to tell you a little secret There has been a coupe I have been voted in charge of the top gun flight school

      Being incharge Ihave Change the name to  Mooses Marvelous Marauders.

      At our next fly I will be conducting a gold wing course Sorry old frog but your not included

      There will be a beginnerd course very soon and I have put your name in the hat

      How about that for a little old coupe

      Sorry I missed today spent 2 hours at the Bloody Dentist

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        well Mr moose  No coupe is a good coupe  why do they spell a coo  = coupe I consider a coupe as a chicken place ANY WAYS   I have been with my fellow flyers today  an they know nothing about a chicken coupe or at least never implied a chicken coupe was in progress  SOOO  Mr moose  WAS IT REALLY A DENTISTS APPOINTMENT  today or was it a special doctor you visited  instead   its alright we can talk about these things  just because you’re dropped a whole lota gears  we still love ya just do as the vet says an munch up those tablets  with the grass  you will get better  ….if not  BA STILL HAS HIS SERVICE PISTOL ……….JUST SAY’N

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        Another quality video production there Mr Frog.

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          ARNT YOU A SWEET THING    QUALITY VIDEO  narh    its bloody fantastic boy ………just say’n

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      Gday I’m a learner pilot

      wondering if anybody can teach me to fly

      after the very skilful flying I saw in film in this post


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        You cant hide that easily MG

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      Nice ones Hoppy.

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      Wee Hee hee

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      GDAY PORNSTAR      GOD I HOPE YOUR A WOMAN  we have at our field a top notch flying school called  “top gun FS ”  the CFI  is a fantastic bloke  watches porn most of the time narh all the time   and would be over the moon to teach you the finer art of RC  flying IFIN YOUR A WOMAN  if your not then someone down here will teach you  I recon   there are several conditions though  you have to have .A sense of humour    (most important   ) be able to cry openly when you crash /  do the walk of shame (after crashing  ) we at top gun flight school specialise in that /  be prepared to be filmed / if you are female you must call the CFI  “sweetie ” all the time ….if your  male  you can call UNCLE G that    bikini is the preferred outfit  if you don’t have one UNCLE G will loan you one of his (not the green though )  THE  motley crew at the field are mostly on life support systems  except for the CFI  who is way to young for that Most of the members are products of TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  with one gaining the converted gold wings   the rest are  top of the class  except for an  animal we don’t talk about an that is THE MOOSE  he is really a nice fella ifin you don’t talk to him and don’t look at him  then there is the keywee  this is one sick puppy  hails from NU SEALUN CALLED BAD ANGEL  the name says it all so now porn star  you still wanna play

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      Dear sweetie I’m half there post opp

      but give me 6months

      and I’ll de your dream girl

      also that bad angel fella sounds to good to be true

      have you his number

      like he will say six and I won’t under stand what he wants but long story short works out sex six times

      although I’ve a disclaimer to sign concerning pace makers

      although viagra is a problem for me when yous take it

      bye for now hope to see Tas at field and a nice fellow in your group invited me around to try on some bikinis

      thanks Gerald

      I’ll bring my model aeroplane too

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      PORN STAR   forget about the aeroplane  just don’t wear the green bikini

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      All the videos are truly brilliant  on behalf of the fingerless people  may I say   THANK YOU

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      de vedeos r relly ood ermt sorie abot tha s`eling cn’t it tha rite kays wid me huufs

      Caus im a finngles onnne

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      EMMMMM  I GOT IT MR MOOSE  but  stay on the medication   you sound like a keywee   as I read it  we don’t need another one

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      Nice video girls.. and who’s this porn star ? Can’t have anyone with a name like that out doing the BA… now changing screen name to ‘Biggis Dickis’ yep that’ll do, just say’n

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      So your taking a personal part of your anatomy and using it as your screen name   No more BA its now BIGGIS DICKIS  you know we always abbreviate names  so  big dick …. this is going to be  a hard one to hold  for sure  but  if you don’t bend or brake under pressure  big dick might last for a while    good luck ERECTUS   PHALLIUS sounds more Roman than BIGGIS DICKIS ….   just say’n

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      Whilst a bit of fun, frivolity & innuendo is what this site is all about, don’t forget that it is also accessible by kids so keep it clean.

      Some of the recent posts have been sailing very close to the wind.

      I wouldn’t like to have to call the forum moderators back to action.


      RCToys Tasmania

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      NOTED ….. I TRUST OUR NEW NAMED  biggis  dickis  will revert back to his old name

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      I agree Mike

      I am not a prude but we are not the only ones who read this site

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      I  agree Mr moose  I recon we should take BA an spank his widdle butt  …….BAD BOY

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